Monday, February 1, 2010

Crackers topped with pineapple and cheese

All this talk about food has made us hungry ..!

Our most favourite snack to assemble in a pinch are just plain old crackers with different toppings. With freshly sliced pineapples waiting for us in the fridge, we decided to go with pineapple and cheese topping today. The slightly bitter taste of sharp cheddar cheese compliments the sweetness of pineapple perfectly, add a dash of salt and pepper and we are ready to serve, rather eat ..!! ( go slow on the salt as these crackers usually have enough salt ) .

Toppings can be varied according to taste and occasion,you could dress it up real fancy with caviar,if you please, or treat the kids with cheese and strawberry preserves or peanut butter and jelly,or host your friends for high tea and serve these crackers with salsa and sour cream, just be creative and you could come up with new toppings. A spicier version could be mint and coriander chutney with tomatoes and pepper jack cheese garnished with red chilli pepper flakes.

Try these,they are super easy to put together. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. A really healthy snack - will definitely try this tomorrow.

  2. Thanks! Ditu Let us know if you liked it.

  3. Thanks!! Poornima, Yes it is a healthy quick snack...enjoy!!

  4. Started reading the blog over the weekend and really like the layout and materials. Nice recipe. The spicy version definitely sounds very appealing.


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