Monday, March 8, 2010

Millet and Daikon

Ragi or millet , is a staple in most homes in Karnataka , but, is now very quickly becoming popular in most cities for its nutritional low calorie value.Even before it started such a journey,  Ragi has been a much loved grain in our home. We have seen  Ragi dosa,  Ragi balls dipped in sambar and Ragi rotti to name a few.

When we read about the Combo Event being hosted by

we knew then that this combination of millet and daikon / Ragi and mulangi sambar would be our entry for the event.

For Ragi / Finger Millet balls:

Ingredients: serves 2-3

Ragi (Finger Millet) Flour: 1 measure ( available at any Indian grocers )

Water: 2 measures (could use less depending on flour)


Heat water, add salt to it and bring to a boil, slowly stir in the ragi flour and reduce the flame to medium. Mix well till no lumps are seen and the water has mixed well with the flour, shut heat off and cover the mixture. After it has cooled a bit make balls with wet hands. Make sure you serve it hot with ghee/clarified butter.

For the Muli /daikon /radish sambhar:

Ingredients: serves 2

Muli/daikon radish: 2-3 small, cut into thin discs

Arhaar/Toor daal: 1 &1/2 cup

Turmeric: one pinch

Tamrind: Lime size ball (soak the tamarind in warm water and squeeze the pulp from the husks. If using store bought tamarind use 1/4th the amount as it is a concentrate)

Jaggery: 1 tbsp

Sambhar powder/paste: 3-4 tbsp

Ghee/oil: 1tbsp

Mustard seed: 1/3 tbsp

Curry leaves: 3-4

Hing/Asafetida: about a pinch

Wash and cook toor dal in pressure cooker with sufficient water and turmeric and keep it aside.
Heat oil/ghee in a saucepan , add mustard and wait till it splutters, add a pinch of hing/asafetida, curry leaves and the muli/daikon radish discs followed by ½ cup water with salt and bring to a boil. After you have ensured that the muli is cooked (soft to pinch) add the cooked toor daal along with tamarind pulp, jaggery, sambhar powder/paste and more salt if desired and boil for 2-3min.. Bring it to thick consistency. Enjoy it with ragi balls or hot rice and ghee.

For Sambhar powder/paste:

Jeera/Cumin: 1tbsp
Pepper: ½ tsp
Red .chilli: 5-6
Dhaniya/Coriander Seeds: 4tbsp
Chana/ Bengal Gram dal: 1 tbsp
Dalchini/cinnamon: 3 small pieces
Methi/Fenugreek: ½ tbsp
Hing/Asafoetida: ¼ tsp

Fresh Coconut: handful.

Roast all the above ingredients in ½ tsp oil (except the coconut). Wait till it cools, grind it with coconut and water into a thick paste. This paste can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer for a month. You could use dry coconut powder and dry grind the above ingredients. Store in airtight container in a cool dry place for up to 3 months. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. That is a lovely capture of raagi mudde...... SInce we are not accustomed to this food, I'm not that excited, but sincerely, that looks so amazingly delicious...... U have prepared, presented & captured it well... to give that zing! to the prep..... KUDOS!!!!!



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