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About Me

It's probably one of  the hardest thing I have done. To write about me Ill give it my best shot.  I am Maitreyi, also go by Simi to many of my friends. As a young preschooler, my friends had a hard time pronouncing my name. I came home one day and told my parents, I am Simi”, I have no idea where I got that from. After a few weeks of negotiation, everyone started calling me Simi at home. With a coffee cup as a profile picture and Simi as the author, I began my journey. I am surprised, how blogging has changed me, I love sharing my life and my food with you. Am not shy anymore to tell you who I am or how goofy I can be. 

Twenty years ago, I would have never thought that the world of food, beginning with shopping for ingredients, cooking, visually capturing thru a lens, writing about it, will sweep me off my feet like it has done. Roughly, about 17 years ago I was doing my post graduation in marketing, I thought that was my world. After working for a few years, I realized it was not who I was. Writing media plans for companies, immersing myself in TRPs…was not me.  Marriage...motherhood... changed my life. I did not want to miss a moment, translate that to stay-at -home mom. I would love to cook for my family, it brought me more pleasure  than sitting in SWOT meetings all day. Cooking is more than mixing ingredients in the right proportion as per the recipe - it is celebrating the pleasure that food brings to our lives. When you share your food with someone, be it a family member or a stranger, you make a connection…that moment is priceless. It's just not a meal you serve, to satiate your hunger, it's more, it is  something you can't quantify or put into words it can only be felt. As I look back my most fond memories from childhood, have been around people and food. ( thanks to my mother, who is an amazing cook) 

So, with all the action happening in my kitchen, some successful, some miserable failures, I wanted to document them for my myself and for my teen, so if she ever needs one of my recipe, when she grows up, she knows where to look for it. One day, just like that, I had an light bulb go on and I wanted to start a blog, to document my creations. It was not easy to share my food and my memories woven around food with strangers. Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband who pushed me to express myself and to open myself to the world. It has been three years,since that day. I enjoy my little digital home - Turmeric N' Spice.  I love the community of people I have met thru the blog and the friends I have made. I love to challenging myself and I am learning everyday. I would not trade this for anything. 

My journey started with food, then blogging and now photography. I have always had a creative urge in me, never thought it would take the form of  photography.  Something I love to do, every single day, from morning till dusk. Light enchants me and capturing light has become my creative obsession. It’s hard for me to put  down in words what I fell, I hope I can express it in my images. 

This is my little home where I share who I am and what I do best - bringing fresh food to the table - capturing food through my lens. Hope you enjoy my space as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.  I cant believe that the blog has reached over half million views in the last three years. Thank you for the support ! This is me and my blog is a true refection of who I am. 

I am a member of Culinary Content Network (The Daily Meal).
I write a column on food photography at The Daily Meal called Culinary Optics

Why turmeric n' spice ?

I know turmeric is a spice. So, what's with turmeric n'spice ? Growing up in India, whenever I asked my mother for a recipe or she gave me and my sister ( more my sister than me) instructions to make a curry, she would always say, "haldi aur masala". Even today, when I ask her on the phone she will say, "haldi aur masala" haldi meaning turmeric is to enhance the color of the curry and masala aka spices is for the flavor. So, there was nothing more fitting for my blog than turmeric n’ spice, after all it’s my memories woven around food. 

You can view my portfolio - Simi Jois 

Contact me 

Mobile : 011-  847 893 9138 

Thank you for supporting my passion. 


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  1. Hi from Sowmya. I am a fairly recent blogger and love reading blogs.Your space looks fabulous Simi. Loved the clicks. I ve added yours to my reading list.


  2. Hi,
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  3. You have a great blog, stumbled here via Pinterest. The Haldi/masala reference brings back memories! I learned cooking 11 years ago (after I moved to USA, 'managing my own household' )- and I have memories of desperate phone calls to my mom resulting in instructions about 'Haldi and Masala"!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  4. You posted a picture of a soup....Curry Leaf Soup with Sweet Potato, Lentils and Kale but no recipe. I would really like to make this soup so is there any way to find it on your website? I tried doing a search in Foodgawker under Soups and Stews but no luck there. Most Pinterest recipes show a recipe or a decent link to the recipe.

    1. Kelly, here is the link :

      Let me know if this is what you are looking for, am going to repine this on the soup board.

  5. Hi Simi , I came across your blog through pinterest , I like your snaps , unlike many others the focus is on the food on dispaly rather than expensive props , something which I would like to do myself some day . Its nice to know you and my journey to food blogging is almost like yours , just that I didn't spend a day in an office .You must be a happy person because cooking and then blogging gives immense pleasure. Do visit my blog , I would be visiting your's often. This is where I derive my happiness from......

  6. Hi Simi,

    I stumbled across the Macarons with Nutella via BlogHer and fell in love. You make it sound so simple. I am going to be a regular visitor her.
    - Monica

  7. Wow! Such amazingly gorgeous photos and I am loving reading your posts. What is the best way to navigate through your blog? I don't want to miss anything and I feel like I am missing the obvious, easy way. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Gayla, you can subscribe thru email. Type your email in follow by email tag or follow me on google plus. Thanks again! looking forward to hearing from you.

  8. Hello!

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  9. Hi Simi ,

    You have a great blog, stumbled here via Pinterest. Such an amazing photos and loved your 365 photography. Keep up you good work. Your posts on photography are useful. May I ask you what camera and lens you are using for all your landscape and food pictures. Do share your editing part of your photos as well, Love to learn and it will be very useful for readers like me. Thanks Simi you are doing amazing job.


    1. Laura,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Will love to do more tutorials - my post processing skills are not got enough to do a tutorial but I can ask one of my photographer friends to go a guest post.
      I use sony nex 6 a mirror less camera . And 50 mm lens for food. Thanks again.

  10. Simi, Your blog is beautiful. Came across your blog you through food styling critique. And your writing is inspiring. It was like actually "talking to you". So happy that I found your blog. - Sreelatha


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