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About the class
The class is a personalized session using zoom video.

Once I receive your confirmations I will work with you to finalize dates/times that work for all of us.
After that, I schedule a call a couple of weeks before your scheduled session. This call will be about 30 mins( this is a free call). On the call, I go through your learning objectives, concerns, areas you want to work on, your prior work or experience, skill level, your expectations from the class, and equipment & props we will be using.

Based on the call I create a personalized class for you and your level (this is when I divide the students into groups).

I usually create a WhatsApp group to coordinate and to discuss and share, so everyone can participate.


  • Manual Mode Essentials: Everything you need to know to shoot like a pro. It is not as difficult as you think it is, if you can drive a car you can shoot manual. It is a fun interactive class. 
  • Basic Styling Techniques: Food styling is a big part of food photography, we will talk about composition, styling, colors, framing, props, storyboards, mood. 
  • Food Photography 101: Covers both, how to shoot in manual mode and the basics of styling. 
  • Steam Photography: how to capture steam, my secret sauce from lighting to props. This is offered once a year in winter. 
  • Easy Edit: How to edit your images in Photoshop. 
  • How to create moody images: dark and painterly photography.
  • White on White: How to take pictures of pristine white images. 
  • Painting backgrounds: how to paint jawdropping backgrounds for your food photography. (Coming Soon) 
I am always announcing group workshops on my Instagram page. You can get updates on Instagram or you can email me.  

I also conduct one on one sessions if you are not interested on group sessions. 

Announced with class details.

Images from my live workshops: For inquiry about live class, please email me

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