Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mexican Buddha Bowl

This post is has been sitting, waiting to be published for over a month now...I'm glad it is not archived into oblivion. If you love Mexican food, hold on to your chair and stop drooling, this is food orgasm right here and right now. It is a bit of effort, but not as much as it looks, and worth every minute of the effort. My assurance, else, lunch on me...

 I was going to have my bf over for lunch and we decided to make something special, we both love to cook. It was understood that I was going to take pictures too, while she stood there and cried every 2 minutes, " are you done." Her version, I starved her, till she threatened to leave. Might be some truth to that, I was feasting visually, never realized not everyone likes to eat that way. After the photo session we both had a fabulous lunch. I'm blessed to have friends like her, caring, loving, and she's always reading my mind and moods.She is  my lifeline. So many things to be grateful for, specially the people in your life. Money can buy a lot , it can never buy good people, who add positivism and propel you forward.

This one to friends who make the world a better place and who love you unconditionally....

You will need

  1.  Guacamole
  2.  Mexican salad
  3. Mexican fried rice
  4. Mexican stirfry veggies 
  5. Mexican beans
  6. Salsa
  7. Quesadillas
  8. Assemble soft tacos 
  9. Chips (store bought) 
  10. Mexican Cheese blend
  11. Sour cream 
  12. Shredded lettuce

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills -Simi Jois

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills

I love dry roses as much as I am in love with fresh ones....I am back with Sunday still life images for 2018.... I know I missed the month of January....it has been hectic for me and hectic not for good reasons. I do have a few recipes in draft but have not had the chance to post... don't ask it is a long story. I will be writing a detail post soon....but for now will have you enjoy these dried roses still life images. Print Friendly and PDF

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas cookies - Molasses thump prints and Linzer cookies

Simi Jois photography, Cookies, food styling, food photography
It has been a while since I have blogged and I am sorry for the long silence, some of you have messaged me. Thank you for the concern and affection. Well, it is kind of a long story, all I can say is it has been a roller coaster of a ride. Sometimes, in life you have the most unexpected things happen and then you just have to deal with it. I have been fortunate to have a few very good friends, my family, specially my sister,  husband and aunt,  who are my backbone. In these few months I have learnt life's finest lessons, learnt what caring and selfless means and the opposite as well. Maybe, one day I will write a long blog post and share, but for now it is some Christmas cookies.

Some friends are beyond friends, I think it is just about being a good human being. I was not planning to post anything for Christmas and what do I see, a friend of mine, with a recipe in hand and all the ingredients in a bag, rings my door bell. And before we knew it, I was in my zone, thoroughly enjoying, with a rolling pin in one hand and a camera in the other.

The next week she was back with a Christmas cake recipe, coming on the blog soon....

So if you guys have to thank anyone it is her, because she is just an amazing human being and I'm fortunate to have her in my life.

Simi Jois photography, Cookies, food styling, food photography

Simi Jois photography, Cookies, food styling, food photography

Simi Jois photography, Cookies, food styling, food photography

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Sale for charity

It's been almost four months, I really feel bad that I have not had the chance to blog or be active on social media...about that, latter, but I do have some important stuff to share. 

I have been involved with a few charities for the last year or so,  Feed my starving children and Akshaypatrey.  Being so passionate about food just does not end with a food blog and pretty pictures of food. It has to have a more meaningful purpose. Most of us have more than enough to be happy and live a comfortable life. If we can help the less fortunate a little bit, the world would be a better place. This is just my small way of contributing and hope that one day it grows enough to feed many many hungry kids. 

I am planning to sell all my art work at a discounted price of 50% and ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CHARITY MENTIONED ABOVE. I posted this on social media a few days ago and have been able to raise $250 dollars, I was hoping to at least raise $500 dollars for this cause. I hope you guys can help me with my goal. You can view almost all of my images here.

Details & Pricing 

The photograph will be sent to you via email or drop box, high resolution images that can be printed on canvas or glass. Reason I am not doing print is because I know some people like to print on canvas or glass or paper or anyother medium. Sizes from 4X6" - price available on request. email : turmeric53@gmail.com

I can add text on request, like a quote or anything else you want - no extra cost. 

I'm excited and hope to give more in the years to come. Thank you so much for your love and support. 

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sunday Stills - Cherries

 Some stills from my garden. So many things on my to-do list today, took some time to share this.  promise to be back with recipe next week.

Sunday Stills - Cherries : Simi Jois

Sunday Stills - Cherries : Simi Jois

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Watermelon-Hibiscus-Kiwi sangria

Watermelon-Hibiscus-Kiwi sangria : Simi Jois Photography
Watermelon-Hibiscus-Kiwi sangria : Simi Jois Photography
Watermelon-Hibiscus-Kiwi sangria : Simi Jois Photography

This is definitely going to be a story in pictures kind of a post. I am in middle of a huge to-do list plus and I definitely want to post this before the long weekend is over. So, scroll down to enjoy the pictures and recipe :) Enjoy the long weekend, every one in the US.
Watermelon-Hibiscus-Kiwi sangria : Simi Jois Photography

Watermelon-Hibiscus-Kiwi sangria or punch 

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