Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills - Simi Jois
 A quick post - Sunday stills. I did not have much in terms of fresh produce but I do love the aubergine color of the egg plant and the pink-red of the onion. The first image is more like a rustic kitchen scene. The second one is a bit whimsical. I love the textures of the background, wanted to use it with the rich purple color. I'm going to try bold whimsical color palette.

I want to start posting tutorials me if you want something specific.

That's all for now. Have a fabulous week.
Sunday Stills - Simi Jois

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Eating Health - bagelwich. EASY! EASY! EASY!

Eating Health - bagelwich.  EASY! EASY! EASY!

Eating Health - bagelwich.  EASY! EASY! EASY!
Eating healthy is on everybody's mind. No one wants to eat unhealthy, but at the same time ... we don't want to eat food that the pallet does not approve. When we think about healthy, we usually think of sad food... I love colorful food and try to put as much color on my plate. Healthy food is actually happy food.

This is an easy recipe  meal...way to easy, fresh produce, cream cheese (store bought). the only thing I made was beet-cranberry relish for vegan lovers.

Eating Health - bagelwich.  EASY! EASY! EASY!

Beet-Cranberry Relish

1 cup granted beet
1 cup cranberry
2 green chilies
2 tbsp finely cut ginger
3 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste.

Heat oil, add all the ingredients and let it cook till cranberry is nice and soft, add salt. After it has cooled, store in airtight container. Stays good for a month.

Eating Health - bagelwich.  EASY! EASY! EASY!

Eating Health - bagelwich.  EASY! EASY! EASY!

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Still life photography

I love to connect with like minded people and share what we have in common, be it photography, walking, meditation or just talking about life. In the last few months I have met some amazing people, we connected over photography but realized we have more in common than just the love for light.

 The above is  from the photography class this week. The class is a personalized one on one session using Skype. I create a personalized class for you and your level. You can learn at your own pace and at a place of your choice.

This week I  helped my students create a story around tea, explaining the basics of composition, color, styling, framing, choice of aperture and more. It is one of the things I love, to share my passion and teach. I am booked out till June. If you are interested (after June) to take an online class. Shoot out an email : and I will be happy to mail you the details.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

How I shot this - New series

I keep getting requests, asking me how I shot a particular image. So I thought of starting a new series on my blog called how I shot this. I will try to explain my thinking, process and camera details. Hope this helps. If you want to request how I shot this for a particular image please email me or leave me a comment, I will try posting once a month.

Before you go, do let me know if you liked the B&W or color?

Simi Jois

Simi Jois

Inspiration - light, reflections and pencil sketch feel.

Vision : I Wanted the glass in front to pop but at the same time I wanted the background to be the hero, almost like a sketch.

Light source : sun was falling at a 45 degree from the window.

Styling :   the sun was creating dramatic light and shadows of the blinds on the table. I aligned the lines of the blinds (on window) to the shadows it was casting on the table. This was to create a seamless background.
Placed the jar which was transparent, kept glass in front. Made sure the sunlight fell into the glass and reflected the color onto the table.

Aperture : I opened up the lens at an aperture of f/1.4 to to create dramatic background (sketchy feel) and desired bokeh.

Post process - changed the WB to a cooler shade to match with the blue-green glass.

Camera - Nikon D610
Lens - Sigma 85mm

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mexican Buddha Bowl

This post is has been sitting, waiting to be published for over a month now...I'm glad it is not archived into oblivion. If you love Mexican food, hold on to your chair and stop drooling, this is food orgasm right here and right now. It is a bit of effort, but not as much as it looks, and worth every minute of the effort. My assurance, else, lunch on me...

 I was going to have my bf over for lunch and we decided to make something special, we both love to cook. It was understood that I was going to take pictures too, while she stood there and cried every 2 minutes, " are you done." Her version, I starved her, till she threatened to leave. Might be some truth to that, I was feasting visually, never realized not everyone likes to eat that way. After the photo session we both had a fabulous lunch. I'm blessed to have friends like her, caring, loving, and she's always reading my mind and moods.She is  my lifeline. So many things to be grateful for, specially the people in your life. Money can buy a lot , it can never buy good people, who add positivism and propel you forward.

This one to friends who make the world a better place and who love you unconditionally....

You will need

  1.  Guacamole
  2.  Mexican salad
  3. Mexican fried rice
  4. Mexican stirfry veggies 
  5. Mexican beans
  6. Salsa
  7. Quesadillas
  8. Assemble soft tacos 
  9. Chips (store bought) 
  10. Mexican Cheese blend
  11. Sour cream 
  12. Shredded lettuce

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills -Simi Jois

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills

I love dry roses as much as I am in love with fresh ones....I am back with Sunday still life images for 2018.... I know I missed the month of has been hectic for me and hectic not for good reasons. I do have a few recipes in draft but have not had the chance to post... don't ask it is a long story. I will be writing a detail post soon....but for now will have you enjoy these dried roses still life images. Print Friendly and PDF
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