Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sunday Stills - Taming the reflections

Sunday Stills - Taming the reflections - Simi Jois
It started out as a lazy saturday morning, ...I sat down to enjoy my coffee. The gray clouds diffused the light...I was playing with a leaf, watching the highlights and shadows as I rotated it and placed it on the dinning table. I got a couple of black cards to block the excess reflections, played with different background and before I knew it, it had been four hours...When you love what you do, time seems to fly.

Stocking up groceries has been on my list for the last few days and I have been procrastinating, all I have in my refrigerator are some bell peppers, tomatoes and snap peas ....oh yes some spinach too. So my subject has been the onion.  I have been going over board with it, lol ... I'm not going to post all the images of the onion, posted one of them on a plate and the other in the glass bell. The onion is such a beautiful subject to photograph, specially with the artistic green shoots. There are so many textures, and layers in an onion ..

Here are a few images ... taming the reflections.

Reflections and highlights are very powerful in an image if used effectively, reflections can be mysterious, enchanting or disastrous. It is how you see them and use them.

Sunday Stills - Taming the reflections - Simi Jois

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sunday stills

 Over the years I have done several photography projects like 365 days of photography - where I took a photo a day, it was  an intense project. It helped me learn the functioning of my camera . 52 weeks of creative exposure helped me explore landscape/outdoor photography. the project helped me think creatively about the exposure triangle, something that I am still learning and working on.  Indian masala dubba, was a project straight from the heart, started by Dolphia, Deeba and myself - we paired spices and shot them once a month, I am in love with this and plan to finish the rest of the spices on the list this year. Monthly mingle was a project started by Sophia, Ilva and myself, where we picked a topic to blog/photograph on. We posted our interpretation once a month.  I started a new project last year called Sunday Stills : as the name implies still life photography on the blog, every Sunday.
This image of the three apples is one of my first from seven years ago(2010). I can laugh at it now, but at that time it was so frustrating to try and bring to life my vision of the image I had in mind.   These projects have really helped me grow and hone my skills. I started out with a point and shoot camera, all I knew about photography was, 2 buttons. One - how to turn the camera on and the other the shutter.  I had the creative vision but did not know how to execute it. I knew what constituted a good photograph and what elements make an image stand down, but without the knowledge of framing, colors, light exposure, there was no way I could execute my vision. Slowly I have been able to somewhat express myself visually. There is still a long way to go. Today I am proud to share my journey, the image of the apple is as much mine as the image above. I am not shy of it, as it has helped me grown.

This year I plan to continue with #SundayStills, as am in love with still life.
The Image from #SundayStill this week was such a fun image to work on. It was exciting to learn to make the old map and distressed paper. Thanks to my sister-in-law, who taught me how to distress paper.
That is it for now.... I'm going to start a thread on Facebook, asking you to post your first photography. It will be fun !Join me there
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Friday, January 6, 2017

Smoothie Bowl

Fresh fruits, flavorful fruit sauces, crunchy granola.... perfect morning meals.

My morning are sacred and I don't like to share them with anyone but myself. It  takes two cups of coffee or chai, a good breakfast and some me time that feeds my soul to get me started with my day. My morning routine, believe it or not used to start with my smart phone, catching up on social media. Thankfully not anymore and my phone is not the first thing I stare at early up in the morning. I have definitely become more mindful of my time. What I do with my time often dictates how I feel. A creative day is so satisfying and fuels me with positive energy.

Food is such an important component of good health and well being, however we often forget to feed our minds. I'm certainly not reading Einstein's theory of relativity or quantum physics for my intellectual well being. Just simple mindful consumption of my time, helps me feeling positive and satisfied, verses days where I cannot account for my time, as I have idled it away.  My Waterloo is social media, it sucks my time.  I often wonder how historians will document human behavior and social media in a hundred years.  

2017 is definitely a year of mindfulness (for me), even though it sounds so cliché. I hope it does not slip away and I make each day meaningful. Somehow the word mindful and whole sum go together, at least in my head. A whole sum breakfast is such a healthy start to a day. I love my food to look pretty, the smoothie bowl is my thing and I just love them. It has become the favorite breakfast of the family, especially weekdays. It can be personalized and you can arrange them the way you want.

 My refrigerator is almost always stocked with a berry compote and some fruit sauces. They can be used  for desserts, pancakes, smoothie bowl or just over some glazed fruits. I usually get the bulk fruits from Costco for my sauces,  they sauce stays good for around ten days, unless you forget to refrigerate. I'm constantly behind teen to refrigerate the sauce after every use and not have them sit on the counter for a few hours. since most of the sauces are home made, there is no preservatives and the only way to prolong shelf life is refrigeration.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A year in reflection - 2016




 There is a lot of freedom in chaos. I probably learnt to embrace chaos, it is really not an excuse for laziness. It is a creative exuberance to  color outside the lines.  I was kind of an ocd personality....everything in place - neat, super tidy. Over the years, as I have learnt to relax my 'super tidy' behavior, I see myself enjoying my craft more. An untidy kitchen does not make me irritable any more. Still tidy but not ocd tidy. Life is to live, we spend so much of our time managing life that we forget to live it.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on some commercial work as well as some personal projects. Both, helping me grow my creative tenacity.  Super excited to have been invited to join the Adobe premium collection this year. Creative growth is what every artist seeks, thank you Adobe.

The best reward of blogging, meeting like minded friends - I'm blessed to be part of such a vibrant community. Everyone is just so helpful, just a few hours ago my blog was playing truant with me and I had these huge exclamation marks all over the blog...I guess this is the bane of the world we live in we do not understand, at least I do not. I had no idea how to trouble shoot this thing. Posted on one of the forums on FB. Before I could react, I had my friend Shibi Thomas message me giving me step by step detail instructions to trouble shoot. Thankfully I had the good sense to write to my designer, rather than take the matter in my own shaky hands ( though Shibi's instruction were PERFECT). I love my designer, she responded in ten minutes and  resolved it in less than an hour. If you guys are looking for a designer for Blogger or Wordpress, I highly recommend Designer Blog. They just rock!

What else did I do in 2016.... oh the endless walks and all the images from them... Can't wait!

2017 planning to continue with my spice series, hopefully Dolphia and Deeba will join me . And yes Sunday stills - that is not going anywhere. Thinking of learning some new skills, let me see how that goes, will keep you guys posted. Secret magic!

It is almost midnight now and am ready to crawl into bed..

Wishing you and your loved ones a F A B U L O U S  2017 : happy, healthy and fulfilling. Truck load of love and gratitude. Thank you so much for everything - love you guys!






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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mulled cranberry wine

Spicy flavorful mulled wine with cranberries, a great punch to serve for the holidays.


I have been so excited to work on the Christmas post. In fact I have been dreaming about it all of past week. Finally got my hands on it yesterday and finished decorating my home as well. Initially I had planned to bake some cookies...but since that did not happen, I ended up making some mulled wine with cranberries so decided to post that.

The aroma of warm spices cooking with cranberries, my favorite old Christmas carols in the background.... boxes of Christmas decoration scattered around the kitchen. All the mess, that makes a house a home. Even the snow...(I am not fond of winter) seems magical.

This post is a picture heavy post, I will let the images do the talking...since am better at story telling with my camera, not so much with words.



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Friday, December 16, 2016

Sunday Stills

B&W, Still life, Simi Jois

I had a few props scattered around the dinning table (read studio). Just loved the way the light was hugging the bowl. I had to get my camera and make a photo. The first one is so minimalistic, just celebrates light and shadows, dark, deep shadows.

I was tempted to play with black and here are two images...b&w and color. The color also has muted tones...which one do you like ?

I was earlier planning to post this on Sunday, but I am just so tired...that I know I need a weekend to completely unwind - shut of everything and sleep. We are having sub-zero, polar vortex like I am not really going anywhere. Actually, I have forgotten how the outside world looks's too cold for me to venture out. I can take anything but cold...but on the bright side I just love the dark deep shadows of the winter dissolves into light...more like the light dissolves into the shadow...

Have a fabulous weekend, until next week love n hugs.

PS : the last one is more of a teaser for the next post. 

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