Friday, September 23, 2016

Saturday Stills - it's dark and moody


This week I have literally done nothing, I have been a lazy  good for nothing slacker. I had to make some spice blends, I took all week to do that...usually takes me a day. Dragged my feet to the gym as though I was doing the world a favor, no walks on my favorite trail....don't ask me why..oh yes! it has been raining - I have an excuse.

But in all this I did one think... I had this urge one cloudy, dingy afternoon to create a moody image with rich colors.

I have always been draw to colors and if you see my work you will notice deep colors. even the monochromatic images are not understated...they have strong deep pigments of color. Light, color and texture is the way I visually express myself. Some days the urge to create is stronger and God help my family if I am not able to make a decent image.....they come home to a very crabby me. Lol! (true story).

I am almost happy with these images...there is always room for improvement, even if you are visually expressing yourself. It did satisfy my urge to create for that day and moment when I felt one with my camera. This is probably one of my favorite images from this I felt at peace making it.

I  did post a styling video on Instagram, of this very same image - here is the link. This is my third video on Insta about food/still photography. I am loving all the interaction  and feedback.

I won't let you go before you tell me which one is your favorite image of the three.

sending you love and hugs! have a fabulous weekend...!


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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunday Stills and social media ramblings

As I walked in my garden which has been abandoned for the last couple of  three weeks, I felt so guilty about the dried flowers, the weeds and a rather unkempt look.  A couple of hours well spent, cleaning up and watering the poor dried plants.

I got some hydrangeas and autumn joy sedum with some morning glory leaves ...that was growing as weed. Put it together for this still life. I wanted to play it on a purple board but changed it to a blu-green and I think I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I have posted a video on Instagram, it shows you the light source and how I shot this, so if you are interested do take a look - link. I will be doing more videos like this, so do subscribe to my Insta feed if you like it.

I think it is time to do some experiments with colors and textures...stay tuned for the next video and still life. Right now I have little idea of what I am talking about ...but an idea is forming in my brain.


My ramblings on social media ....

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Watermelon ginger slushy with chaat masala and some exciting news !!

Delicious sluuuurpy slushy with a hint of spice.Deep yellow and delicious - love that color.


In the moments of deep thought but lack of words ( an oxymoron, I guess), I pick up my camera and walk the usual trail, by my home. It is the same trail, each time I walk, I see it different - the flowers, the grass, the colors, the is never the same. Here are a few images from my contemplative walk...

Read on I have exciting news !!


This week was special, Monica Bhide launched her debut novel : Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken. Shooting the cover was a fascinating experience.., it was a fulfilling and memorable.

When Monica told me I was going to be shooting the cover..I asked her for a brief and the brief was, " read the book." I'm not a reader and very very slow...I asked her to send me a synopsis - no response. Oh well, I might survive skimming through the pages.So on a Sunday night after I had finished all my chores, I sat down to read the must have been 9pm ....I JUST COULD NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN. My eyes were like must have been 3 am when I slept..

I am so glad I'm not a fast reader, chewing it slowly and relishing every nuance... when finally the book was over, I called Monica and I was upset with her..." The book is over, what am I supposed to do? What happens to Eshaan ? Have you started writing the sequel ? Can I read it ? " I can see Monica smiling as she read this, because after I chewed the book, I chewed her brains..."

I love the story, and this is not because I shot the is because it has love, vulnerability, failure, hope, dreams, courage, struggle and more.. The vulnerability of the leading characters touches your heart and some where in their vulnerable moments you make a connection. You want to shake them and tell them to make the right choices, but just like life you cannot and you have to let go. Set in India the book has a rawness to it, for those who are from India you can relate to it and for those who are not, it is probably a notch more mystical and intriguing.

I asked Monica if I could do a giveaway for my friends and she was generous to offer one copy to one of the readers of TNS, with a note from her. So, we have 2 books for the giveaway, one a signed copy from Monica and the other from yours truly.  Leave me a comment here to participate and I will have Monica pick the winner. Here is a link to amazon if you want to order it - Link 

About those mystical hands on the many of you have asked me about...ummm! well, it could be George Clooney  ;) lol!

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Still Life

This week I have some kale for #SundayStills



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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hibiscus Raspberry Lemonade Iced Tea

The aroma of hibiscus and the rich deep reds with raspberry, lime and black tea...served chilled. Make sure you have some fresh raspberries to serve with. A mint leaf always does the trick with presentation.

As the nights become longer and days kind of sad that summer is almost over. I cannot imagine it getting dark at 4 pm...oh well, it's still August and we still have beautiful autumn before I start the rant about dark, gloomy winter afternoons.

It has been a couple of weeks since I have really posted a recipe...Just been busy with family and a couple of projects. I'm having a hard time falling into a routine. It's been two weeks since teen is back in school and I thought that would help....ummm! not really. There is so much on my to-do list and all I'm doing is procrastinating. I just dislike it when I'm so unproductive, it just brings out the worst in a downward spiral ...I keep thinking about all the time I have wasted and end up wasting more time.

Teen loves iced-tea... challenged me to make one that she will love. Teenagers are critical people.... to say the least, at-least mine is. And because she can cook, she will give a detail feedback on how it could have been done better (sometimes you don't need a feedback lol!) . I incorporated all her feedback ....and I do have to admit that adding more hibiscus, some lime juice...did make it delicious.

I bought these gorgeous dried hibiscus from this cute spice store in down-town Geneva, since both teen and her dad are not crazy about spending three hours in a spice store, I hang out alone....Just love walking around the quant town. I will be definitely going there with my camera soon...will share pictures. Sometimes you just need that me-time and for me it is shopping at a spice or antique store...


Hibiscus Raspberry Lemonade Iced Tea by Simi Jois

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sundays Stills

Another Sunday and one more still-life photography. This time it is all about tomatoes. Tomatoes is the only produce I grow, apart from my herb-patch. I love tomatoes and eat it in everything, probably that is why it is also the most photographed produce on my blog.

In this post I have mixed and matched. A few still life and a few shots from the garden. I hope you enjoy it.

The last few weeks have been really hectic. Even though I have a couple of recipes that I have shot, I have not been able to post. Hopefully you will see one in the coming week. The next couple of weeks are equally hectic. I promise after that, I will be regular with recipes and visual stories. I have so much to post/share with you guys...!! Just a couple of more weeks and hopefully, back to a more peaceful schedule.




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