Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills - SimiJois Photography

Sunday Stills - Simi Jois Photography

Sunday Stills - Simi Jois Photography

This week has been part busy, so I have not been able to post a recipe on the blog. I took some time off and just decided to take it easy and enjoy some much wanted me time. I could get used to this. I had decided not to touch my camera for the weekend, but ...the roses were calling my name. So here are a couple of my favorite images from the set. Hope you guys have a fabulous Sunday. Love n hugs. Print Friendly and PDF

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Stills - The magic of steam

This weeks #SundayStill is very close to my heart, it is not only a still life image from yours truly but some of the most fascinating images of steam by some of my photographer friends. I certainly did not want them in a collage format...each images is so  beautiful and needs to stand by itself.  I had very hard time trying to arrange them all...I did not want any image to be placed last... as it would not do justice, even though it was not arranged in any particular order. So, I posted mine last...

I hope you enjoy this fabulous selection, the photographer name is acknowledged in the caption (below) the images. Thank you to each and every one for giving me this privilege to share your images.

Have a fabulous Sunday, love and hugs.

If I Have missed out anyone or have a typo error, please let me know. Thanks again !

Image courtesy Sia Krishna

Image courtesy Ambica Salvam
Image Courtesy Madhuri Aggarwal

Image courtesy Meena Kumar
Image Courtesy - Jayashri Ravi


Tons of fabulous images not forget to check them out....

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

David Lebovitz's Cranberry Upside down Cake

Super easy to bake and great on taste.
David Lebovitz's Cranberry Upside down Cake - Simi Jois Photography
David Lebovitz's Cranberry Upside down Cake - Simi Jois Photography

David Lebovitz's Cranberry Upside down Cake - Simi Jois Photography

I was supposed to post this for before Valentine's day. I procrastinated  to the point it was as late as the morning of 14th and then Murphy (law) struck and had an unexpected project to work on.. So before this becomes a Thanksgiving post, let me get started.

The recipe is from David Lebovitz, with  variations. He is an amazing chef and I just love his recipes, I have never been disappointed. Thank you David for being so awesome, we love your recipes.

Now, I am not sure how many of you are following my love story...not my love story, but the fictitious love story I'm writing. Are you guys enjoying it ? is it a stupid idea?? you are begging me to stop writing ? If you are, I won't be offended as there are days when I am begging myself to stop writing, wring being my waterloo. Till you respond,  you will be painfully subjected to what happens next.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Stills - Coffee

Sunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois Photography
I have been wanting to post Sunday stills for a couple of weeks now, so even though it is late, I had to share my still life images from this week. Coffee makes my morning, the aroma of fresh coffee in the kitchen ...sitting by my bay window sipping my cup of coffee and watching the world go by. The two things that make me smile, any time of the day is flowers and coffee. Growing up in a south Indian household, I mother would roast coffee pods every week and grind them every other day. For me the aroma of coffee is as relaxing as memories of my childhood.
Here are some images from a recent shoot.... hope you like them. Have a fabulous week, love n' hugs.
Use my dusty speed light after months. I guess I should use it more often, love the highlights from it.  

Sunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois Photography

Sunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois PhotographySunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois Photography

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Friday, February 3, 2017

French Lentil veggie soup

 This year I wanted to work on my writing skills. The only way to do that was to write. So, I had this wild idea, to write a fictitious story and shoot images that are woven in the story.  Maybe my photography will help my narration. Thank you so much for all the encouragement, I am so glad you guys took time to read the story.

 Part 1

 Now for part -2 .....

People gravitated to him ....he never understood why, but they just did. He was always trying to fix something for someone, be it a relationship or an old car or helping someone ensemble Ikea furniture. Ironically his own dad never called him for any help, even when he was in  financially need. It did hurt him, he could never be the perfect son.

It had been a long day, two difficult meetings, loosing a pitch was always a defeat, no matter how small the client was. Well if the client was asking for the moon for the price of coffee, there was no way they could have won that pitch. They all knew it, but the numbers had to be met. The quarterly reports were looking dismal.

"What are you doing here?" Natasha's low pitched voice startled him. Sia  had invited him for dinner at Nat's place... everyone called Natasha, Nat. He was contemplating....why did Nat not mention this, she had met him before the big meeting. He was standing in the underground parking lot and staring at a blank wall, contemplating. "I'll see you at seven", and she walked away.  Sia and Nat did their high school together.  Sia's fiancĂ©e (Steve) and Nat had worked together long years before he met Sia.... life is a complete circle.

 Was there more to their meetings than just casual friendship. He wondered what his grandma would think, if she knew he was dating a woman four years older than himself. 'Dating' he choked I dating? are we dating?? we ... Nat and Neil it a we? At least it rhymes, Nat and Neil.

It was thirty minutes past seven and he picked up her favorite bread from her favorite bakery .... he smelt like a baker, waiting for almost an hour for the damn bread to be baked.  She opened the door and asked him to slice up the bread and grate the cheese... how did she know? Was there a spy at the bakery? Probably the smell of fresh bread.

He placed the dried wheat bunch on the table. The florist had recommended this golden wheat bunch ..."it never dries, unlike fresh flowers", she had laughed. She had put a huge looked pretty.   "Wow, these are gorgeous" Sia exclaimed. Nat looked up from her chopping board... rolled her eyes, "what are these ?" Neil smiled, "flowers that never dry, or something like that" Sia arranged them and kept them by the lamp, Nat did not even give it a second look.

 She was a magician in the kitchen, every drop of that soup was lapped up. The bread was perfect, Neil was given credit as though he had baked it. Steve and Nat were busy engaged in a discussion about country music. "What's that, is it a Seagull ?" Neil exclaimed...." Can I " It was a guitar, Nat's brother was a struggling musician, a rebel without a cause.
Simi Jois Photography

Simi Jois Photography
As Neil strummed .....Nat glanced at him, there was a spark in that look.  All evening, he just sat their entertaining Sia. Steve and Nat were too busy for either of them. Human relationships are stranger than fiction. We love people and when the people we love, love the other people in our lives, we don't love them any more. We want every relationship at our own terms. It takes two to make a relationship work and whose terms ?
He was doing the dishes, he was more comfortable in her house than she was. They exchanged smiles...she still did not say anything about the flowers...probably it was a stupid idea.
As he wore his winter jacked to brave the wind chill..."Thanks for the flowers...ummm the wheat bunch", she smiled and kissed him.....
To be continued.....
Simi Jois Photography

Simi Jois Photography


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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Stills

Sunday Stills - Simi Jois

Here are some still life from last week...
It is really late on this side of the world. I will call it a day and see you very soon with another recipe and more about the story...

It was quite a challenge shooting both black and white in the same frame. This is not a composite but same image with both. Two ends of the dynamic range... to get details and exposure in both was a bit thinking and experimenting.

Sunday Stills - Simi Jois

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