Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Veggie Masala Burgers

Picnic season is here, perfect mini masala burgers ….they are tiny, delicious and easy to put together. Vegetable cutlet layered with spiced up paneer and a vegan option too ….yumminess !

Picnics… eating outdoors..  warm summer afternoons or preferably…starry summer nights. Gazing into the sky….walking bearfoot on dewy grass…picking flowers… !! I could live that life everyday of the year. And yes the ice cream trucks…. !! Ohhhh it's just a perfect picture of a perfect day. Come to think of it,  real pleasures of life don't need's often the small things that do not cost much, that gives us the most pleasure. To experience a sunset in silence, to wake up to birds chirruping…

I read a beautiful quote that a friend sent me.... I love to walk, but this is a different kind of walking.

Walking is great for you ....

walk away from arguments that lead nowhere but anger,
walk away from people who put you down,
walk away from anything that reduces your worth,
walk away from fears that stiffle your dreams,
walk away from people who don't mean well.

Take a step towards happiness.

I have put this on my vision board.... We don't realize how vulerable we are to negativity, till we walk away.  As adults we feel we are insulated to deal with a lot, not really. Life is too short to deal with drama. Except if you are chasing the dramatic light with your camera ...

It's strange once you walk away from negativity,  your door opens and floods with positivity. I think the strength lies in the self, we just don't see it, till we make room for it.


Veggie Masala Burgers (recipe) 

If only I can style a burger like professional stylists…I just don't have the patience. Burger styling is an art I don't posses lol!  But imagine…bitting into that juicy thing… !! 

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Stills # Chasing the light !

This week's Sunday stills brought to you on a Saturday !!


You guys know by now that my Sunday's are spent…being lazy. Maybe I should start calling it Saturday stills ! I have been posting most of my stills on Saturdays - so might as well change it to Saturday stills.  Saturday or Sunday… weekend stills may be ?? Well what's in a name !! 

I was not that happy with my still from last week - I wanted a natural look…!! Well, here it is. I prefer this, it is more inviting …and yes that light ! 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Potatoes n Greens stir-fried

Creamy potatoes - with greens! Such a versatile side. Our good old aloo methi with a twist :)

Maybe time is moving at a faster pace. Each day seemed to be booked edge to edge with little room for daily chores. The to-do list has grown a couple of miles. Maybe I need time management 1o1.

I planted my first set of annuals and have been wanting to do the rest - my herbs and tomatoes, it is almost June and probably if I keep postponing this, soon it will be fall.  I need an intern to help. I think I should hire teen for the summer months…hmmm! not a bad idea. It is hard when you are doing everything…styling, photography, edits, clients briefs, communication & rate negotiations …money matters! I have never been good at numbers and it's a miracle I understand my apertures and shutter.

Somedays  Most days my morning stroll helps me clear my mind and think…it forces me to slow down and catch my breath and most important it forces me to absorb it all. The pace at which life is running, if I don't slow down…I'll exhaust myself and I think it is more about enjoying my journey than the destination. That's the reason my weekends are sacrosant - I don't touch my laptop. My camera yes :)

This week I read two write ups,  one of them is an experiment on social media and the other a commencement address. Both so relevant to the times we live in. At the end of the day…what you create is what stays with you …that compelling feeling of satisfaction. It's not a numbers game or stats or followers…! I remember once when a brand approached me about a affiliation, they asked me about my media-kit..I don't have one. It's not rocket science to put it together…but it is not who I am that was important …it was more about the numbers. To me it felt like working in a boxed room with no windows. I know numbers are important but when it becomes the only criteria …That is just me, I love my readers because they give me feedback, we chat…it's more like friendship, they are not numbers in a spreadsheet - most certainly not.

It's almost become a ritual to share some clicks from my walk…not too many :) I don't want you guys to run away…..this time it's downtown Chicago.


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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Sunday Still-life - new prop alert !

I am back again with another still-life! The light was really playing truant here,  so I took the set up outdoors and after setting up everything, got the tripod out to start making some images….it starts to rain !! Perfect timing, exactly what I needed.

I brought it all back inside, sometimes you have to do with what you have. I love working with natural light as it's unpredictable and it makes you think.  I could have done better, I might rework on this image in the following weeks and post it.

I must confess that the kettle is a new addition to the prop family…just had to get it, it is just so gorgeous. :) Am going to go ahead and post this now - Sunday is my day off and I try to stay away from my laptop, I try…not saying am successful.

Hope you guys have a fabulous Sunday !!

Question : do you guys want  me to add a small note on how I shot this, every week ?? I'll do the work only if you guys want me to.


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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The scent of spring - my morning walk


I sat down with a cup of coffee, I was planning a shoot that was long overdue, took out my props …opened the patio door. There was a calm stillness, I stepped out and took a deep breath….I could hear  the birds chirping, the sound of frogs matting in the distance and an occasional sound of the road. I got my camera, slipped on my shoes…it was a compelling feeling to get out …as though the birds were luring me. I saw the sink full of dishes, the clothes waiting to be folded and kept away…the props waiting….life can wait! Sometimes, you just have to follow your heart, everything can wait.

What followed was 2 hours of endless walking…the sights, sounds and the scent of spring that will always stay with me… I stood by the bridge and could hear the calmness of the stream below me…as I saw the world from my viewfinder, there was a silent bliss, that moment felt so true to who I was. As I go back to recollect, I can't find words to express how I felt…I took my thoughts and centered them to capture it … I think the first picture really symbolizes the way I felt…

As a couple of recipe sits in the draft waiting to be edited….that can wait !!

Some more from the walk…..

Get your coffee, it's picture heavy post!



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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sunday Still-life and A Very Happy Mother's Day

White CherryBlossomsoftImage-800PX-SimiJois-2016_edited-2

I am back with another still-life. I'm loving this challenge, so much so that I am dreaming of it :) Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend.

 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's out there.  What is life without a little celebration, I remember a few years ago I wished a friend "Happy Mother's Day" and she was not so happy and gave me a rant on how everyday should be mother's day and how this is just a commercial celebration to sell more cards and flowers….lol! To each their own, I don't need mother's day to be thankful for my mother, but I cherish this day as a mother and a daughter….I think these small celebrations make life precious. I love being pampered and am not shy of it either….and my family knows that lol! I hope you guys get spoilt rotten on this Mother's day ! Sending you big hugs and bucket full of love.

I wanted to post this tomorrow (Sunday) - but my blog refuses to post till there is a human intervention and am planning on a super lazy Sunday! I'm staying off anything that even smells like work - even lifting my finger for hitting the publish button. Last two weeks I have been working like a robot, and the next two week is full - deadlines plus teen is having her finals, so driver duty. In the middle of all this I managed to work in the yard and prepare the flower beds for my annuals. Planting each tiny sapling is time consuming…I hate to delegate that. Everybody at home thinks am crazy, it's such a fulfilling feeling….won't part with that.

Well… I can keep rambling all day, will let you go and enjoy your weekend… lots of love!

Over to Deeba & Dolphia's blog for more stills.

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