Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Apple Cider masala Chai

I have always loved poetry and there was a time when I used to write. Last week as I was cleaning my study I found my old poetry book. Turned the pages and read a few of them. I'm sharing one here today and my photography for this post is inspired by this poem.

I in myself, myself in me

Let me discover the I in me,
let us all discover the I in us,
Not that I which says,
I want,
I desire,
I own,
Let us see the I where everything seems your own, not belonging but a part of you. Not even a part of you, but complete you and in no other fraction.
Let me see the flower and say :
How beautiful I am
How sweet I smell
The winds, the mountains, the forest, the trees, the lake, the waterfall - all of them are in me and I'm in them. They are all I.
In such a sweet dream I was ...
What strange screams that wake me from this dream, the voice that says: I want, I desire, I own. It is mine cause I bought it, I earned it, my blood, my money...The I has become we.
I say " I love I" and they call me conceit.

Walking in six-inch deep snow and setting up a shoot as the winds blew in more snow, the moment felt as beautiful as poetry. I saw a squirrel startled by my movements rush into a tree and all the snow fell, as it jumped from branch to branch. Absolutely blissful. Nature is beautiful even when it is brutal.

If you want to learn steam photography - best time as the temperatures dip ( summer is not really perfect for steam). Email me   I'm going to be doing a promotion on my classes - stay tuned.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Smoked Dhaba Dal Fry (Lentil Curry with smoky ghee flavor)

One of the resolutions this year is to blog more recipes, everyday deliciousness. Thanks to one of my friend/neighbor who asked me what do Indian families eat every day ? Especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan, what's the homemade vegetarian version of chicken-tikka? That was an hour well spent explaining to him the nuances of Indian everyday dishes. With all the explanation, I still did not do justice to Indian cuisine, it is that versatile. That led to my resolution to blog everyday recipes in the kitchen.

Here is my quick everyday daal. You can do a mix and match of different combos of daal, the basic spices remaining same. The smoky ghee flavor is the highlight and this is a great dish for winter. Good amount of protein had to say that for my meat-eating friends, who think vegetarians and vegans are falling off like toothpicks, due to lack of nutrition. Hardly! I'm not getting into the debate of meat vs plant-based food, to each their own. Just be happy, whatever you eat. It is good to stay in your own business and not judge either way.

I cooked this for my best friend, we tend to get together for lunch or coffee at least every other week. It was cold and we were in the mood for a eat in, she loved it. I packed the leftovers for her and ended up making it again the next day. My teen, who actually hates dal, loves this version. On another note, my teen is nineteen, OMG people... remember the time I would blog about her..." almost teen" We need to find a new name for her, even though I am tempted to find a new name, I think I will just call her Aish ( that is what we call her at home).

On a serious note, a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me raise money for the BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) - we raized $500. Thank you so much.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Print Sale for charity

It is that time of the year to look back, contemplate and be grateful for. Last year I started to sell my work for charity, my small contribution. All the images displayed in this blog post are for sale. All the prints are 12 by 18 inches - $50 ( which includes S&H) - Print sales in US & Canada. For everyone outside the US - you can get a high-resolution e-image, that  I will email to you and you can get it printed to any size.

100% of the proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Each one in the collages above is a separate print.

Thank you so much for saving lives and supporting this cause. Email me for inquiries: 

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Stills - Tip for working with ice

This is real ice and not fake. I love to use real ice in shoots as it just adds to the authenticity of the image. When using ice, I usually like to buy it from the grocery store, love the shapes and texture and some reason it is not foggy like the ice I make at home.

For this shot, I used multiple reflectors...the ice acts like a mirror, reflecting light. I have seen backlight works best for ice images like this, with a couple of reflectors on the side.

Wanted to showcase caviar like a jewel... hope it worked

Do you like it with ice or without ??

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday Stills and a photography tip on White Balance

Sunday Stills and a photography tip on White Balance -SimiJois
When photographing different shades of white - use auto WB mode or when you edit, use the WB dropper in Photoshop and click on the brightest white. You will have perfect shades of whites, no pale yellows or extreme-blue-whites.

The white on white above is very different white than the one below  (last one). Shot on different days, different light and different whites but both equally white and pristine.

If you are interested to learn hands-on here. 

Sunday Stills and a photography tip on White Balance -SimiJois

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