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Unveiling My True Calling: A Journey of Self-Discovery through my lens


Simi Jois photography
Life often presents us with opportunities for self-discovery and empowerment in the most unexpected ways. For me, that journey began with a camera in hand and evolved into a powerful fusion of discipline, meditation, and the art of photography.
Growing up, I was like a leaf blowing in the wind, carried along by the currents of life without a clear sense of purpose. I was not interested in anything and interested in everything. Seems like an oxymoron but it was true. Everyone around me seemed to know what they wanted from life .....it took me a very long time.
I felt like a puzzle missing a crucial piece, a ship without a North Star to guide me. This prolonged quest for purpose often left me feeling adrift, as if I were wandering through a vast wilderness with no clear path ahead.

Simi Jois photography

I faced countless moments of self-doubt, insecurity, and frustration. It seemed as if my true calling was an elusive mirage, always just out of reach. At times, I even questioned whether I had any unique talents or passions to discover. As my personal life was unfolding beautifully, I found it hard to articulate the creative hunger within me. A part of me thrived and the other part was waiting to express.

Then, one fateful day, as I turned the corner of middle age, I found myself gravitating towards something new – a hobby, a passion, a whisper of purpose. It was photography, an art form that spoke to my soul like nothing else before. The lens became my companion, and through it, I began to see the world in vibrant detail.

With each click of the camera, I felt a profound sense of connection and purpose. The images I captured weren't just pictures; they were moments of my life's narrative, expressions of my innermost self. It was as if I had finally found the missing piece of my puzzle, the North Star guiding me home.

With the passage of time came wisdom. I realized that the journey itself was teaching me invaluable lessons. It was in the detours, setbacks, and unfulfilling ventures that I learned resilience, adaptability, and the importance of introspection. These years of searching were not wasted; they were the chisel that carved away the excess to reveal the true sculpture beneath.

As I delved deeper into the world of photography, I began to realize that it was more than just capturing images; it was a form of self-expression. Through the lens, I found a voice that allowed me to communicate my thoughts, emotions, and perspectives without uttering a single word. It was liberating.

But empowerment through photography was not just about pointing and shooting. I soon discovered that the key to unlocking its true potential lay in the discipline. I committed myself to mastering the technical aspects of photography – from understanding the intricacies of lighting to perfecting composition. Discipline became my guiding star, shaping my photographic journey.

Yet, discipline alone was not enough. It was in the stillness of meditation that I found the missing piece of the puzzle. Photography became a form of meditation in itself. Behind the lens, I learned to be fully present, to immerse myself in the moment, and to see the world with a heightened sense of awareness.

Meditation taught me patience, an essential virtue in photography. Waiting for the perfect light, the right moment, or the ideal composition required a calm and composed mind. It was in these moments of waiting that I found solace and a deeper connection with the world around me.

The fusion of discipline and meditation transformed my photography into a form of art that not only captured external beauty but also reflected my inner journey.

Through photography, I learned to embrace imperfections, find beauty in the mundane, and appreciate the fleeting nature of life. It became a mirror through which I could explore my own vulnerabilities and strengths, ultimately leading to a profound sense of self-empowerment.

My journey of self-empowerment through photography, discipline, and meditation continues to unfold. It's a path filled with endless possibilities, where each click of the shutter is a reminder that true empowerment begins from within, and the world is our canvas to express our unique vision and voice.

Simi Jois photography

Often, it's not about actively searching for your true calling, it but about embracing life with an open heart and a curious spirit. Trying new things, stepping out of your comfort zone, and following your interests can lead you to unexpected discoveries about yourself and your purpose. When you allow yourself to be open to the experiences that come your way, your true calling has a way of revealing itself naturally. It's a reminder that the path to self-discovery is a dynamic and evolving process, and sometimes, what you seek finds you when you least expect it. I am excited to see the next chapter in my journey.

Life has a way of pulling us in different directions, filling our days with obligations, routines, and distractions. But beneath the surface of our busy lives, there's a persistent voice, a yearning to connect, to express, and to create. And it's this inner voice that I've decided to heed.

So, why return to regular blogging? It's because I've come to understand that sharing my thoughts, experiences, and insights on this platform isn't just a pastime; it's a vital part of my journey. It's a way for me to connect with all of you, to share the lessons I've learned, the stories that have shaped me, and the ideas that fuel my passion.

In this digital age, where information flows like a river, there's something profoundly human about carving out a space for authentic expression. It's about more than just words on a screen; it's a channel through which we can explore our creativity, our aspirations, and our shared human experience.

Stay tuned for ramblings, recipes, experiences, and more. If you want to write me a personal note you can email me - at turmeric53@gmail.com

Simi Jois photography

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  1. Your post has inspired me to what I should first post in my blog after 4 years of hibernation!! Life & priorities has taken me away from what I love & passion and makes me feel this is me when I am in this space, which doesn’t need anything but me !!
    You have been my teacher, mentor in my photography journey ! A great inspiration and mentor in my life too! It’s been my pleasure to have met you in this field and thanks to you for being my friend always 🙏🏽


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