Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aromatic Rasam Powder

The taste of rasam is not only a treat to the palette but also an aromatic therapy in itself. The spices in the rasam powder just come alive the moment you bring it to a boil. The texture and the aroma of each of the spices used are so different, but put together they make a perfect blend for a healthy everyday meal.

Infused with therapeutic benefits, rasam or saaru is definitely a member of our ‘comfort food club’!. It is an important dish that always makes its presence felt at every festival, ritual, or weddings.

Ingredients for rasam powder:

• Pepper: 1 cup
• Jeera : 1 cup
• Methi (seed): 1 cup
• Mustard (seed): 1/4th cup
• Cinnamon: 8-10 sticks
• Coriander (seed): 4 cups
• Curry leaves: 2 stalks ( remove leaves from stalk)
• Red Chili (whole): 2 cups ( if you use chili powder it shld be about 1/3rd of a cup), and 3 cups for a more spicy rasam powder.


• Dry roast all the ingredients separately till golden brown and till the mustard and black pepper pop….enjoy the sound effects!! For red chili (whole) use 1/4th tsp of oil to roast in a hot pan, switch of the flame before you put in the chilli, just so that its fumes do not send you into a fit of cough!! Remove from the stove immediately for the same reason.…very quick action required, this is not the time to pick up the phone that is ringing! In case of chili powder, do not heat the chili powder just add them to the rest, the warmth from those ingredients is enough to bring out its flavor.

• Let it cool, grind the above ingredients in a blender or a burr grinder. Make sure the blender/burr is free of any moisture. Note: the burr grinder does not handle whole chilli or curry leaves too well. For easy grinding the red chilies should be crisp.

• Now mix all the powdered ingredients together with a ladle or feel free to use your fingers. Store in a dry, air tight container. Rasam powder has a long shelf life. It ages with time.

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