Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring in a Bowl

As the New Year rolled in we made a resolution !  We decided to eat more raw and more healthy, promising ourselves to always have some type of sprouts ready at hand.

Moon bean sprouts have now become a staple for us , but, the alfalfa sprouts was a newcomer, but when combined with the crunchy cucumber and sweet strawberry it was instantly welcomed warmly by everyone in the bowl!!! ( and of course at home !)

This salad is so refreshing to eat and pleasing to the eye that it looks like Spring in a bowl !

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Ingredients: serves 2

Alfalfa sprouts: 2-3 tbsp

Methi/Fenugreek sprouts: 1tsp

Moong sprouts: 1-2 tbsp

Cucumber: 1 medium finely chopped

Cherry Tomatoes: 3-4 diced

Grapes: handful, halved

Orange: I medium peeled and cut into chunks

Straw berries: 2-3 cut into small chunks

Frozen corn: a handful, washed and thawed

For the dressing:
Lemon juice: 2 tbsp

Honey: 1 tbsp

Honey mustard: 1/2tbsp

Mint leaves: 2-3 finely chopped

You can use all of the above or mix and match to your taste buds

For the dressing: in a small bowl add lemon juice, honey, honey mustard  and mint leaves whisk well. Toss the above with the salad dressing in a salad bowl or serve it separately. You can add more dressing if your taste buds enjoy tangy-sweet .

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  1. You guys rock when it comes to presentation! looks amazing, healthy and inviting!

  2. this looks so colorful



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