Friday, April 16, 2010

Leftover Bonanza

On a long tired day.......
                 " Leftovers"
...  can bring a smile on our face ( ok! maybe not the family) ).  For times when there is not enough to make a meal out of it, we have to get creative and save them from going down the drain . Our poha from yesterday's breakfast,  was sitting in the fridge waiting to see the inside of a microwave, to be reheated, too less to feed the family,  and too much to ignore,  … we made some superdelish fritters.  A perfect  snack for a cool spring evening ....with a cold lemonade or garam chai.

These will be our entry for : Left over delicacies

Ingredients: serves 4-5

Poha: 1 ½ cup (recipe of poha coming soon) leftover
Potatoes: boiled and mashed – 1 cup
Onion: 1 small finely chopped
Bread: 1or 2 slice: crumbs
Cumin seed: 1 tsp
Salt: to taste
Red chili flakes: 1 tsp

Mix potatoes, poha,  bread crumbs, onion, cumin, salt and red chili flakes. With a firm hand make into desired shape …deep fry till brown or shallow fry till both sides are crisp and brown. Enjoy with coriander chutney and/or ketchup. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Nice way to consume leftovers!I posted a Veggie Ragu with leftover dhal fritters. Check it out if you are interested!

  2. Nice recipe - good use of leftovers!
    Poha is a favorite in our house so we hardly see any leftovers - I may just make a special batch to try these...

  3. Thanks srividhya and Cfoodie: you cld try out a batch with just plain soaked poha...!!

  4. ciao!! che buono!! mmmmmm...

    grazie delle tua visita! a presto!! ciao ciao!

  5. crispy crunchy snack on a rainy day!!!!!!!!!!! bliss....

  6. These look so good- they look very similar to my Iraqi Meat-filled Rice Fritters from the outside but yours are not stuffed. I would like to try your recipe also- is the poha a rice? I did not find a recipe for this. I love your recipes and blog!


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