Thursday, May 27, 2010



    It's finally summer !!!!

 It has been much awaited, the hubby do list has  finally emerged from the back of the" junk drawer",  the barbecue has been set up all ready to fire and we are ready to do some real gardening.   The pantry has been stocked up  on  junk food , knowing well we will be  miserable by fall when our sweaters start to look bulky!

    After the initial enthusiasm, the summer heat can get to us, it is by then that we long for cool salads, light appetizers and chilled punches, but  this year we started early, we roasted  asparagus, sprinkled it with spicy tandoori masala..  and served  it with some cold yogurt dip ... simply good!

Snap the tough end of the asparagus and stir fry them in your favorite oil/butter...sprinkle on some tandoori masala and salt and stir them so the masala evenly coats all the stems.                                                          
For the dip: To 1/2 a cup of thick yogurt add 1tsp of sour cream, 1/2tsp jalapeno mustard, some chopped mint leaves or a little bit of mint chutney, whisk still it is nice and creamy...Enjoy as a snack or an appetizer.

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  1. nice presentation..i like the asparagus very nicely cooked and the dip is really delicious one

  2. Beautiful! There are so many wonderful components to this dish. It's easy to make, the spice blend (I wouldn't have thought to use masala because I don't often cook with it but I can imagine how tasty it would be with the asparagus) and the jalapeno mustard and mint in the sauce are brilliant! I can see this recipe working well with broccoli or zucchini. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  3. Oh, I forgot to ask...does your tandoori masala blend have nutmeg and cinnamon in it? I've seen so many versions...

  4. Fantastic asparagus dish. I am a huge fan of this veg. Don't see it used very often. Great pics too.


  5. Thanks All! :)

    lynn: the tandoori masala used has nutmeg & does not have cinnamon. Yes, indeed tandoori masala has many versions, we have tried many brands and almost all of them are good.

  6. my favorite. asparagus...dip looks bful..looks lovely and delicious..........superbbbbb

  7. Wow ...i have never tasted asparagus...I should get them now

  8. I have bookmarked it and definitely making it. The pic is absolutely tempting :)

  9. looks really beautiful. great recipe

  10. lovely recipe ...bookmarked...
    cute pice with perfect presentation.
    You are most welcome to my space.

  11. You've got the most awesome blog... and the food photographs are so amazing.. they just make me want to go and try out the recipe....

    Just to let you know.. I've shared your blog on mine... for my readers to enjoy themselves as well.. Thanks a ton!


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