Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bhutta- Rosted Spicy Corn

There are a lot of things money cannot buy - eating roasted corn on a rainy evening is one of them. Small pleasures! Hoopeston IL, is the 'sweet corn capital of the world'...and even if we have never been to Hoopeston...we live in Midwest and corn is everywhere, so roasted corn is something we enjoy regularly...... with the pitter patter of rain, on our window sill .....what could we think of...but roasting some corn with some hot chai...!!

Mix the salt, chili powder, dried  mint powder and set aside on a small plate. On a gas burner or charcoalgrill roast the corn on the cob,  keep turning  until the kernels acquire a brownish black color.

Take half a lime and  dip the open end of the lime into a mixture of salt, dried mint powder and red chili then massage the length of the cob with the lime and the spices. Enjoy it while the corn is hot....spicy and savory with the sweetness of the corn..... !! Print Friendly and PDF


  1. wow what a clicks ...ur post takes me to flashback ,school ...friends ..masti ...all my golden days this bhutta anytime anywhere ...thanks for sharing\


  2. OH mY... love to have them all time... Awesome clicks dear.. we used have in our college time... thnx 4 sharing ..

  3. mmm..mmm.mmm... looks soooooooooooo mouth watering.

  4. wow what a clicks .....looks soooooooooooo mouth watering.

  5. Beautiful click and the grilled corns look yummy!

  6. The Last paragraph sounds literally Mouth-watering!!! Lime and Spices on Roasted Corn!!! yummy!!! Going to grab one @ Marina beach!!!!

  7. nice one... love the roasted corn....

  8. Mmmmmm, absolutely yummy looking pic...there's a guy right around the corner from my house roasting it on hot coals right now! Only thing is his "mixture" is a strange looking concoction and I am too afraid to ask what's in it, he cuts the lime with a blackened rusted edge of a knife, and he has this suspicious piece of cloth flung over his shoulder with which he keeps wiping the blade...but say whay you may, it tastes delicious!!!

  9. I love Bhutta...especially the way we roast it in India. I like to have mine with a little lemon juice, salt and a green chili! Heaven.

  10. perfectly roasted corn feel to munch some

  11. Hey thr,
    Stumbled upon your blog through some other website and I'm loving what I'm seeing here :-)
    Love your photography and recipe are so appealing as well. Looking forward to seeing many great posts here!

  12. havent had these for yyearss now !!! would love to have some!

    have a lovely day


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