Monday, December 13, 2010

A cup of Coffee

I have been enjoying my time with my sister and that is one reason why I have been silent on the blog...sipping a hot cup of coffee on cold December mornings, it is even more special if the coffee is made by your bil -brother-in-law...and is not an instant coffee. Am not shy to claim that instant coffee has occasionally  had a place in my pantry...well had my share of experiments with blends and beans but to be very frank I have never really looked beyond the bean....thanks to my bil I have learnt a lot about that little flavor packed bean. It is not only the color of the roast or where the bean was grown, coffee cupping,  the blends, it is also about the age of the coffee...yes you are right...age...not old...a fine line between age and old.

This is hand roasted beans from Coorg, India. Blend is 50% peaberry and 50% plantation.

I have grown in a household where there was no place for instant in the pantry, my mom would roast the coffee every week and grind it once in three was a perfect blend of peaberry and plantation beans giving it the perfect color  and aroma. Well that was my knowledge about roasting and grinding ....but I was told ...there are connoisseurs who have roast tiles to gauge the color of the roasted bean...who know from the sound of cracking if the bean is a perfect roast. From the perfect roast to the perfect the perfect brew from manual drip  to french press to vacuum brewer to good old percolator. I was privileged to have the perfect cup of coffee...not by fluke but carefully crafted ...thanks :) for the coffee....will remember the taste for a long time...and it is not just another hot beverage.

A tamper is essential for the right taste as well as measuring the right temperature for the perfect froth in cappuccino. 

What's in your cup?

This is Coorg(Scotland of India) coffee from India, sprinkled with brown sugar and natural vanilla.
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  1. Loved this post . I love my coffee too but i can't discriminate between the instant and the gourmet ... i knew only about Nescafe while growing up n later got to taste the wonderful blends of filter coffee .

    It's always good to know more about my cuppa....

  2. wow what an awesome clicks dear... after seeing the topic thought what it would be.... but really nice writeup....

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  3. You are making me want to have a cup right now...Amazing pics...

  4. Cant take my eyes from the clicks, super tempting clicks..

  5. Lovely post about the soul warming coffee!!! I have long since wanted to visit Coorg. Are you from there?
    And I also love your foamy cappuccino, YUM!

  6. Beautiful photos and I really enjoyed your explanations about coffee making! Would love to go to Coorg and almost went there last year...

  7. delicious coffee...and awesome pics too..

  8. I've never roasted my own coffee--maybe I'll try it someday. Hope you are all well!

  9. Passion4Food here to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. May 2011 bring you lots of happiness and friendship. Have an awesome day with your love ones!!

    jen @

  10. nice! i reminisce the crushing of roasted coffee beans & the aroma it would give out. my helping hands which were too little & soft for my mother to let me do it. so all i did was stood there to understand the process so that one day I do it myself. Alas! the machine is not used anymore but the fresh filter coffee can never get out of my life... our lives... so many lives. following u :)


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