Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chewy Chocolate cravings

Has it ever happened to you that you get up in the morning with a craving and then you try and push it away but no matter how many times you do that, it keeps coming back and each time it is stronger - in the end almost a pleading undertone- u just have to eat it...that's when you give up. Maybe it has got to do sth with the month of February and the craving for chocolates. And no ordinary chocolate you  I wanted  sth  chewy and chocolaty. There was nothing chewy in my snack bar - I tried to spoon a  tbs of pear caramel sauce - did not help. But in less than 30 min I had these  chewy chocolate candies and this was it !! bliss 

These were so good that we ended up eating quite a bit, lucky saved a couple for the  photo shoot. 

1/2 pound soft caramels or little less than a cup of caramel sauce ( I used pear cinnamon caramel sauce)
3/4 cup nuts ( I used craisins) 
2 tbsp heavy cream
4 sq baker's semi sweet chocolate

Melt the caramel and chocolate in a double broiler. Chocolate and caramel  allowed to melt over gentle, indirect heat. If you don’t own a double boiler, any metal or glass bowl that fits snugly over the top of a saucepan can be used. 

After the chocolate and caramel has melted well, stir in the cream, the choc mix will start becoming a bit buttery. 

On a baking tray place clusters of  cranberries or nuts on the surface about 6-7 inches apart , spoon the choc mix on to it ( as big or small you want the chocolate candy to be). U don't have to do much, it will take a nice round shape. U can add some cranberries on the top.  let cool !! enjoy the chewy delight :)

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