Thursday, May 24, 2012

Instant Mango Pickle

My favorite drink is mango lassi, favorite flavored rice - mango rice, favorite dessert - mango kulfi, favorite fruit - mango. OK you get the picture!! If am going to say another word to profess my love for mangoes you are  going to shut down the browser and I would never want that. The "king of fruits" has been around for at least 6,000 years. The mango was a regal fruit in ancient India, kings took pride in their mango orchids. Well if not for an orchid,  I  love the dwarf mango tree at my mother's place in Dehradun. The little mango tree is adorable and right now is full of raw mangoes.  When I was speaking to my mother couple of days ago - she told me that she made the instant pickle from home grown mangoes.... I was tempted to make some myself. This tangy spicy pickle  is irresistible  and it is almost a crime if I did not make some for myself.  No home grown mangoes for me :(( 

1 big mango - green raw and not mushy 
1 tsp mustard seed
1/2 tsp mustard seed crushed
2 tsp red chill powder
3/4 tsp methi seed powder
1/2 tsp hing / asafoetida
1/4 cup hot water

Wash mango and pat dry. Cut into small chunks

Heat oil in a sauce pan, add oil heat, add mustard let it splatter then add hing . 

Add the cut mango along with all the powders (red chili, methi and mustard)

Add water and bring to boil. Switch and don't cover it.

Leave it for 10-12 soak the masalas. Enjoy !! refrigerator in 4-5 days. stay for 3 weeks. Well never tried beyond it as, we are such pickle monsters at home :)

thought for today 

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  1. Beautiful the pickle.Spicy too.

  2. I loved that antic look!! :)
    I have never tried such a recipe with water going into the pickle, so bookmarked at the very first shot. Will surely get back to you after I try it. :)

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  3. Stunning photos!! This is one of my most favorite pickles!!

  4. I am definitely not making this recipe, but only because we do nt have green mangoes here and even ripe ones are not good. I miss juicy fragrant mangoes I used to eat in Asia .
    Beautiful pictures! I wish your mom were my neighbor,

  5. i do this too & a def fav too.. love the bowl & karandi :)

  6. wow..beautiful tempting clicks,lip smacking achar..

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  7. Finger licking mango pickle,wonderful presentation and clicks...

  8. Omg what a spicy pickle... Can eat as main dish...

  9. Spicy tangy pickle and love the pics!

  10. I love mango in anything at anytime :) Like ur pictures and blog too.

  11. The Pickle looks so yummy!!! Loved that first shot :)

  12. finger licking pickle recipe,,, nice photos

  13. Oh god, salivating here, super delicious and irresistible pickle..lovely clicks.

  14. wow!!delicious and instant pickle..loved the presentation.never tried adding water in mango pickle.a must try

  15. Even I loved my dwarf mango tree which we had it in Chandigarh. Its feels so good remembering some good old days.
    the instant pickle is a good idea which I can try because I have seen some green mango in the market here.

  16. wow...finger licking pickle...loved those delicious clicks !!!!!

  17. How beautifully presented. And my mouth is watering. I love pickles.

  18. Mouth watering!! pickles are my weakness, reminds me of my childhood days where granny used to make such jars filled of raw mango pickles.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog & introducing me to such an alive blog. You have a great blog with such amazing pics. Loved everything about it. happy to follow you

  19. wow!! mouth watering pickle...we have the same kind of mangoes at my in-laws place...made a lots of pickle last summer when were home...seeing ur post got a few from the Indian store..will make it soon :)

  20. this is my fav pickle.. u have a lovely space.. glad to follow you.. do stop by mine sometime..

  21. Oh how I miss home made pickle! My mouth is watering!
    lovely presentation.

    Just one query, when u say:

    Add water and bring to boil. Switch and don't cover it.

    Just to make it clear to myself: add water to the mango+spices and boil it, right? Then switch off the heat and let it stand uncovered, right?

  22. Thanks for the clarification! Hugs:)


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