Monday, November 26, 2012

Bhel Puri lettuce wrap

When you have a whole week of good food and fun, it is very hard to embrace Monday morning afternoon evening with enthusiasm. I have been trying ! My to do list is a booklet now and I don't think it is going to be a relaxing 'read a book and watch TV' kind of a week. Anyway going back to the extended weekend, this year we actually ventured out shopping on black Friday. Don't get me wrong, I am not a deal snob, but standing in long lines is not my cup of tea. Since Ak (my sister's son) was visiting and he wanted to experience the black Friday frenzy, we obliged... And to make a long story short, I was browsing in the mall and my eyes fell on a shiny BLACK blender : the price a steal and also it was the LAST black they had. There was no way I was letting go. So I tucked it between my feet and bent down looking for more colors/options...(getting greedy). I felt the box slide from between my boots and looked up to see a smiley face. Smiling back I assumed that the blender box will soon find its way back into my arms. This is the moment where there is a twist in the story! The smiley woman was walking away with the box- my box. what followed.....

Me, " There has been a mistake, I just got that"
lady, "I found, on floor"
Me, "but....."
Lady, "No, everything on floor, black Friday"

At this moment of time, I saw two other woman walk toward this smiley lady. Clearly they had a strategy, divide and conquer and unite and slide.  I had no chance. I turned around and picked up a box for a white blender and made my way to the cashier. Black or white, it works the same...but I would have still loved the black one!! I have been told cyber Monday is better....I did order a few things, but it was not so much fun! What about you guys ? Any shopping, sliding stories :)) My crazy self is hoping that the lady will read this post and feel pity on me and give me back my black blender.... I know it is probably a one in a million chance...but there is still a chance !!

Well as promised the bhel puri post .....

Bhel Chutney

Sweet turmeric chutney - click here
Green spicy Chutney - click here

Bhel mix

Heat oil in a pan, add turmeric, red chili and roast mamra (rice puffs) till crisp, let it cool, add sev, some roasted channa and puri for bhel.

Finely chop onion, tomatoes, boiled potatoes and cilantro.

Mix in a bowl, some bhel mix, a tbsp of each - onion, tomatoes and potatoes and the two chutneys. Mix well with a fork. garnish with some cilantro and sev. I did not add the sev, as the pix were not looking so good with it, but it sure tastes awesome with garnish of sev.

Take a lettuce leaf and add some bhel puri on it.....roll, bite and enjoy !!

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  1. Beautiful presentation.. Who doesnt love bhel...I love to make this with my evening cuppa

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  2. They look fabulous.....wonderful clicks

  3. I love the idea of lettuce wrap. looks so fresh!

  4. Love this snack a lot. your idea of serving in lettuce is awesome.

  5. wow....extremely yummmm!!!! creative & an interesting way to present this all time popular chaat!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  6. Extremely irresistible, wat a brilliant idea of wrapping this fantastic chaat.Loving it.

  7. How creative! A gourmet version of the normal Bhel Puri...Awesome clicks too :)

    Chef Al dente On going event: Street Food of India!

  8. hey thats definitely a very cool idea of combining lettuce wrap with bhel

  9. wooo such a beautiful click dear :)
    First Time here,glad to follow you!!

  10. Creative idea...Guests will be pleasantly surprised....for sure :)
    As always, lovely clicks!



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