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Coffee Panna Cotta

 Deepa of Aalayam requested me to do a guest post for them - she wanted me to create an 'easy holiday dessert'. Aalayam, is a lifestyle blog by Deepa and Supriya to quote them  "At Aalayam, we house our creative revelations in the vibrant world of multicultural design, decor and culinary diversity" A cute space with lot of visual inspiration. Am sure you will love their space. Panna cotta, for Aalayam, thanks for having me.  Also, I really wanted to make panna cotta for a while and there was really nothing that was holding me back. Well, two things happened and it did propel  me forward : first I saw the recipe on "Passionate about Baking" here  (  my recipe adapted from PAB) and second I saw these cute shot glasses at a store and there was no way I was not getting them...I had to, it was a cosmic signal. "make panna cotta in these cute shot glasses" It is dangerous to ignore or shld I say turn a deaf ear to cosmic signals and specially at a time  like this. ( you did know that the world is coming to an end right ! )  So, I did both and you can see the results right here. Impressive ! Well am in love with these and have indulged in these cute delicacies for some weeks now. Trust me when I say this : they are so easy to make that it is almost impossible for you to not fall in love with them.  Well, there is the calories part of the game - if you figure out how to go around it , let me know- there is no way any calorie threat is going to stop me from indulging in the holiday season this year.

Panna Cotta is a traditional Italian dessert and it has many variations, usually served with berries. I decide to serve it with some whipped cream and caramelized sugar thingies. This is my first time at weaving sugar, absolutely loved the experience and the taste is awesome.  The caramelized sugar went very well with the panna cotta and added the crunch to the dessert.

 For the  caramelized sugar art

I loved creating the caramelized sugar shapes, did not get stressed about getting a right shape, just played (with caution as it is very hot) around doing different shapes. Looking forward to doing more of this technique in the future.

There are two methods of doing the caramelized sugar, dry sugar or sugar with water. I used the latter, not for any specific reason, I just thought I might burn the sugar if I did not use water.

1 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

CAUTION : this turns very very HOT! Please be careful.
Mix sugar and water in a pan and heat it on medium heat. Soon it will start to boil.  Do not stir.

 Let the mix boil to about 6-8 min. It will change color from light golden to amber. Stir it a little bit to even the color.

 Put the pan in a bowl filled with cold water - to stop the process of cooking, you don't want to end up with burnt caramel.

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper.

With a fork or a butter knife scoop a small part of the caramel and make brush strokes in air about 2-3 inches above the parchment paper.  It will fall in random shapes.

Let the shapes cool for about 2 hours. Remember it is really hot.

Garnish the panna cotta wit these cute caramel art .

For the Panna Cotta recipe, you'll need to visit Aalayam HERE where I was invited as a guest blogger. Thanks Deepa! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Happy Holidays !

Really looking forward to share my next post - mouth watering curry, stayed tuned.

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  1. Super shots:)) just plain love them :)

  2. i too made them after cing @ passionate about baking!!! :) Caramel Art Looks lovely!!!

  3. OMG...looks gorgeous n irresistible :)

  4. Panna cotta looks superb... and I love the simple garnish..:)

  5. Mindblowing pannacotta, loving that caramel art.

  6. omg!! seriously the signals def should not be ignored.. def a sign :).. what a lovely shot glass and the pannaotta looks so professional.. respect :)

  7. What an incredible & breathtaking "easy holiday dessert".

  8. Super pannacotta!Lovely sugar art :)

  9. Hi Simi,

    My name is Julia Marino, and I'm a member of REDBOOK's web editorial team. I'm currently working on creating a slideshow of trendy, delicious shot glass dessert recipes, slated to go live in August, and would love to include your Coffee Panna Cotta recipe.

    I will be writing short copy about the recipes featured, and then linking back to your site, like in this recent story:

    We'd love to have you on board! If you're interested, could you please email me ( as soon as possible?

    Thanks so much,
    Julia Marino

  10. I would love to try this, must be just about perfect! Many thanks for the share!


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