Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini Cocktail Samosa

Nostalgia, a sure sign of aging? You will not see a 13 year old getting nostalgic about her toddler years....or do you ? Well at least my teen does not ? Maybe I just have an old soul, cos seriously who you calling old ?? Ok correction here, Finally Teen says she does get nostalgic about her toddler years...so am glad we got the age thing behind us !! 'Finally teen' got back from school and guess what she way playing 'Simon and Garfunkel' "bridge over trouble waters".  I was trying to read but I ended up closing my eyes soaking in the song and we must have played it for over an hour.....sometimes there is so much power in silence, yes we did play "sounds of silence" too and that moment was precious for me...!! A moment to step back and document in my mind heart...for in a couple of decades, I shall look back and think of this evening and cherish it in my mind and nothing can bring it back to life other than  my own memory of it.  How I wish I can lock this moment of time and throw away the keys. Well, there are days when I truly anticipate the future with excitement and then there are those moments like today, when I want to lock in to the beauty of NOW. Well, hope I did not push you guys into a sea of tears cos 'Finally Teen' thinks this is a whee bit depressing. Well, I think not, so I shall post this and have you decide. Throw in your opinion and we are both ( Finally Teen and me) curious to know :))

Assuming that I did throw you off a bit, here are some cute cute bite size samosas that might cheer you up. I don't need to add, it will go very well with some chilled beer, a wonderful sunset and some great music in the background.....and yes ! so easy to put together that you will have plenty of time to enjoy.

Btw, my samosa are not the perfect shape..am an apprentice at samosa making. Maybe it does have something to do with the word patience. Am sure yours will be perfect and if you want to leave a link of samosa recipe from your blog, pl leave a link here in the comments - I would love to better my craft.
Finally the days of shorts n sunshine, fireflies n flip-flops, bbq and beer and picnics n parties ! After weeks of cold, wet days...finally some bright sunshine and real spring temperatures...Any plans for spring/summer ? Well, I have some exciting stories/news to share....you will just have to wait :)

Shell : ready wonton wrappers


2 medium boiled, pealed and mashed ( not soggy) potatoes
1/2 cup home made paneer link here
1/3 cup cooked peas

Spice blend
1 tsp cumin seed
1 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp coriander seeds
1/2 tsp spicy paprika
1/2 tsp turmeric
salt to taste

Oil to deep fry

Mix the potatoes and paneer with the spice blend, keep aside. Take the wonton wrapper, fold it into half cut a semi- circular shape, the ready wonton wrappers are usually square in shape. Discard the edges.  Shape it into a funnel, add 1 tbsp of the mix, seal the edges with water, press to firm the seal. Ok ! I am so sure, I had taken pictures of the whole folding cutting process....I just can't find it :( Am going to post with out the pictures and when I find it, I will just repost the same with the additional pictures.

Yeah ! finally found the pictures and they are below .....

After you have filled all the samosas, keep aside. Heat oil in a deep pan or use a fryer and deep fry these cuties till golden brown. Serve hot !!

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