Tuesday, August 6, 2013

iPhoneography on the streets of Bangalore and a simple salad

The pile of work seems to be growing in exponential forms. Either I have become slow or it's payback time for the 4 weeks of vacation.  I have my hands into so many things that sometimes I forget what  am working on. I have been waiting to share some of my clicks from my trip, finally found some time. I have so many photographs, it is hard to share all of them and even harder to pick which once to share. Here are a few:  colorful, vibrant and full of life - that's India for me.

Walking on the streets of Bangalore with my aunt, stopping for tender coconut water ( note to self : got to locate that picture and post), buying locally grown fruits and veggies, I don't think there are locally grown any more, it's easier to find Washington apple then the local homegrown apple. You just have to experience it to understand what I am talking about...random chats with street vendors, local grown (some of them) veggies n fruits. There is something magical about the experience that the most sophisticated super markets cannot give you. It takes me back to my childhood, I would follow my mother, who would stop at every vegetable vendor on the street, examine the veggie closely, either approve and buy it or would refuse to entertain any convincing from the vendor. The purchase transaction would almost always be followed by a chat or a sermon by my mother on how he (the vendor) should send his kid to school and not have him/her sit there all day to sell the produce. They all knew her by face and called her 'aunty ji' which was latter replaced by 'mata ji', now am the 'aunty ji' ...lol! I always thought I would hate that, but I don't seem to mind and it, it does amuse me (in a good way). Well, here is a slice of life that was in the 80s/ when I was growing up, am sure it will become extinct with the growth of super markets and malls... but for now they give me so much pleasure, I could not have imagined that back in the 80s.

The photographs are followed by a simple lentil carrot salad called kosambri in kannada.  Since all these photographs are taken in or near Bangalore - I thought kosambari would be the perfect recipe to share along with these photographs, since it is a common local salad.

Note : most of these are taken from my i phone, some could be from my dslr. 

handful of moong/ green gram (without the green cover on it)
2-3 grated carrots
1 tsp juice of lime
cilantro finely chopped
fresh grated coconut for garnish (optional)

for seasoning
1 tsp oil
1/4 tsp mustard
1 green chili slit
 pinch of asafetida
1-2 curry leaves

soak the moong for an hour, drain water keep aside. Mix the grated carrots and the lentil, salt, lime and cilantro.

Heat oil, add mustard, let it splatter, add split green chili, curry leaf, asafetida. Pour the seasoning over the salad, garnish with fresh coconut and/or cilantro.

I omitted the fresh coconut, as I ran out of it. Here is a fresh, yummilicious salad - in less than 10 min ( excluding the soak time)

You could do several variations, with cucumber ( finely chopped) mix of cucumber and carrot, replace the moong with channa.

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