Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ginger Caramel Tiramisu

I think we already spoke about my great pastry skills ( read lack of it) here in this post. Having said that, am always on the look out for an easy recipe as far as dessert is concerned. I need to post a picture of my kitchen when am baking, it's worse than a war zone. In a situation like this, if I get a recipe which is  semi home made, but has some scope for creativity, I will jump up and be all enthusiastic. So, on one of my endless pursuit of recipe hunts, ( as to why am frantically hunting for recipes, when I have hundreds bookmarked, is beyond the scope of this post or my ability to comprehend, it's just me !) I found this recipe here but I was not gung-ho about the banana, so I moved on and was surfing, and suddenly there was a light bulb ( like the ones you see in cartoon books, exactly like that) and the little voice in my head told me, not to be limited by what is in there, get creative. So I tried two version one with cinnamon and lavender and the other with candied ginger... and boy! the candied ginger won, hands down.

I could not wait for 'finally teen' to be back from school, I was almost on the street with pastry in my hands, but refrained from such acts of impulse.  'Finally teen' is a recipe hunter like me and she surfs endless blogs and when she is looking at blogs with cakes and pastries that can put a French artisan to shame, her only question is "why can't you make stuff like this" OK, don't have ideas now, this pastry will certainly not put a French pastry chef to shame, but in simple terms it's easy, simple, delicious and I LOVED the frosting (smooth as silk), and it looks pretty decent.  So, if you qualify these categories, you are usually up on the front page of Turmeric N Spice. Hope you try it and you won't be disappointed.

1- 2 tbsp  caramel dip

One (3.4 oz.) package instant vanilla pudding mix

1 cup cold whole milk 

1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups whipped cream 

25-30 ladyfinger 

3-4 tbsp of candied ginger finely chopped

1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

For the cinnamon one 

1 tsp cinamon powder

1 tbsp fresh edible lavender flowers

The ladyfinger I got was from a baker and it was more like a cake then biscuit. It tastes great when toasted. So, I did not need to soak it in any liquid.

Combine pudding mix and cold milk in a medium bowl and whisk to thicken. Add 1- 2 tbsp of caramel dip  and sour cream and whisk to combine.Fold in whipped cream and half of the finely chopped candied ginger and 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

Arrange one layer of lady finger. Spoon the cream mixture over lady finger and spread evenly. Add another layer of lady fingers on it. Repeat process, making as large a pastry as you want. 

For topping, spread cream topping over the last layer, drizzle with additional caramel dip and sprinkle with cinnamon and lavender flowers. In the ginger one sprinkle with candied ginger. 

When assembling the pastry you can work all of them together and cut it later,  or take 6 pieces of ladyfinger to make individual pastries. 

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