Thursday, January 2, 2014

365 days of photography - January, 2014

Happy New Year! Am looking forward to a creative n inspiring 2014, my head is bursting with ideas, am trying to bring a sense of order to my day, right now am all over the place. Maybe still in holiday mode.

I am launching a new challenge on the blog called 365 days of photography, those of you who are friends/followers on FB, might have seen the post there. As the name suggests it is 365 days of photography for the year 2014. Am going to have a tab under the blog name, so you can click and view it at any time. I am not going to limit myself to just food photography, am going to try different things this year and you might just see it here on this post.

If you guys want to join me, (I have a few who are doing this with me on FB and some on their blogs), leave me a url and I will add it to this post. Really looking forward to this challenge. Any questions, leave me a message on FB/email or a comment here on this post.

Some of you have messaged me about the rules and the details, here you go :

* No rules, enjoy creating an image each day.

* Post one photograph every day for 365 days of 2014 either on your blog or create an album on Facebook with album name ‘365 - days of photography’( that’s what am calling it) or anything you want, it’s your work. If you cannot post due to some reason, don’t beat yourself, it’s ok ! No big deal. If you are on vacation, post it after your vacation.

* You can click any subject, use your i-phone, point and shoot or a jazzy DSLR. Take your pick. The idea is to improve on photography.

* IF you share your link, I can share it here, so we all can view out portfolios and it’ll be fun.

Not so complicated right! So pick up your camera and shoot. :)

#Tangerine #Oranges
January1,  2014 

#snow #winter #Cold #landscape
January2, 2014

January3, 2014

January4, 2013- lantern

January5, 2014- cranberries

January6, 2014 - spiced sweet potatoes

January7, 2014 - Ice on the window pane on a cold icy day with wind chills −35F

January8, 2014 - sizzling hot! 
January9, 2014 - Roasted Pepper and Tomato Soup 

January 10, 2014 

January 11, 2014 Experimenting with water droplets, maybe I need a macro lens ;)

January12, 2014 The snow melt.

January13, 2014 Yesterday’s sunset

January 14, 2014. When i was trying to focus, loved all the bokeh it created, it is sometimes great to break the rules. 

January 15, 2014. Sometimes memories is all we have….

January16, 2014. Radish in the raw…

January 17, 2014. new props see the light of a camera ;)

January18, 2014 

January19, 2014 iPhone click 

January20, lentil

January21, 2014 : lentil Patty

January22, 2014 iPhone click

January22, 2014  Silk n gold

January24, 2014 RED! 

January25, 2014 Fresh

January 26, 2014 My favorite till now. 

January27, 2014 whimsical aubergine 

January28, 2014 

 January29, 2014 : Sunrise 

January30, 2014 

January31, 2014 

Friends joining me :

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  1. Nice initiative! Would surely try to contribute in this endevour.

  2. Great idea Simi. I've been meaning to do something like this, but didn't know what to do and how to do it. Thank you for the inspiration. Will definitely join in the fun.
    BTW that first click is absolutely beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful garlic photo-impression!

  4. I would like to join you in the 365 project. I am not sure how to link my blog?

    1. Kim, I will leave a note on your blog. Just give me sometime am in a middle of few things.

  5. Thatz a great initiative to start with, in the new year.

  6. Beautiful Initiative.. The orange pic is just breath taking. I have already started posting them in my Facebook page. Do let me know how to join you...

    1. Sent you a message on Facebook. Let me know if you need further help.

  7. Beautiful clicks simi, they are Gorgeous.., thanks for adding me in.

  8. Hi simi,I want an individual page for this initiative and am going to msg you the link.count me in

  9. I'm enjoying watching you post your awesome shots. Thanks again for inspiring me to shoot and post every day. My blog and I are happy. Lexi, the lightheartedlocavore

    1. Am so glad you are enjoying it Lexi :) it’s a lot of fun.

  10. I will be joining you from today simi!!! Just created a page :)

  11. Some creative pieces here, so patterned and artistic, yet so everyday!


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