Friday, January 10, 2014

Roasted red peppers and tomato soup

#Soup #RedPeppeAndTomatoSoup #TomatoSoup #RedPepperSoup

#Soup #RedPeppeAndTomatoSoup #TomatoSoup #RedPepperSoup

I am really obsessed about this round slate. Somehow every image I visualize to shoot has the slate in it. Am telling you, the rate at which I am using it, it will become the most used prop for the year-2014. 
I almost burnt my hand doing this shot, it was worth it…don’t you think.  And fyi it’s real smoke not photo shopped, just saying. 

Well the story does not end there, so made the soup, I was planning to serve it for dinner, hubs walks in, and guess what, he has a carton of roasted pepper and tomato soup, along with a lot of other things (that were not on the shopping list).  He does not do the grocery in this house ( for obvious reasons), but since we have been hit with this brutal weather, ’polar vertex’, I have been dispatching him. I looked at him and nodded in disapproval, I make soup at home all the time, and it’s one of the easiest things to whip up, what prompted him with this impulse purchase? After a little probing I was told, they were serving samples to taste at the store and since he had some, he could not say no. I though that was so cute. The rest of the things that were not on the list, but showed up at home, had no explanation.  So, that night we had soup, and he said  “see I told you this is good stuff” …”Yes, but this one is home made from scratch ;)“  That was funny, we still need to have the soup from the carton, will keep you posted on that. 

Roast the red peppers on the gas stove, after coating them in oil (virgin olive oil)
#Soup #RedPeppeAndTomatoSoup #TomatoSoup #RedPepperSoup

Remove the shared skin, ( make sure you do a clean job, you don’t want the color of the soup messed up and am not sure if one can eat charred pepper skin).

#Soup #RedPeppeAndTomatoSoup #TomatoSoup #RedPepperSoup

The color of my soup looks a bit pale red, almost an orange. The tomatoes were rather pale. It was  rich cream taste, despite the color, I would have preferred a deep red like this tomato soup.

2 bell pepper, roasted, skin removed and chopped
2 tomatoes chopped
1 small yellow onion ( chopped) 
1/2 cup chopped celery
2-3 pods of garlic
2 tbsp olive oil
salt to taste
1 cup home made vegetable stock 

Heat oil in a pan and sauté onion, celery, garlic and tomato ( in that order). 
In the blender  add the sautéed mix, roasted red pepper, vegetable stock and blend until creamy. 

#Soup #RedPeppeAndTomatoSoup #TomatoSoup #RedPepperSoup

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