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Simple All-purpose Spice Blend/Masala : Multi-Purpose Use

#SpiceBlend #Spices #MultiPurposeSpiceBlend #MasalaPowder
#SpiceBlend #Spices #MultiPurposeSpiceBlend #MasalaPowder

Blending spices is like blending colors in a painting. There are no rules but you need to be aware of the nature of each spice, the flavor, the aroma, the paring with the final dish. Too many spices and you have a muddy mix of confused flavors in your hands. 

Last week we had a few friends over and we started talking about spices, I have some fifteen spice blends. All home made, some of the recipes have been past down and some others are my own creation. This is one of the simplest blends I use,  it is extremely versatile and very aromatic. I developed this recipe a couple of years ago, evolved over time. I use is mostly for my curries and dry veggies that are coated with spices.  A friend of mine swears by it as a great marinade rub for chicken. I am a vegetarian so I just have to take her word for it. It is not too strong and can be used liberally, now by liberally I don’t mean 6 tbsp on a lb of veggies ;) My friends wanted this recipe, this one is for them.

Before I forget, when I posted the image of the spice on FB, I was asked by some of you, “how too do moody shots “  I will try and do a post on moody shots with my 365 days of photography post. Thanks!

If you do use this recipe  on your blog or in any other form, please make sure you link it back to my blog, I have developed this recipe and would definitely like the credit for it. 

#SpiceBlend #Spices #MultiPurposeSpiceBlend #MasalaPowder

4 tbsp of coriander seeds
2 tsp cumin seeds
few pepper corns ( 8-10) 
2-3 green cardamom seeds
3/4 cinnamon stick (less than half an inch)
3-4 red kasmiri chili  ( I prefer to use the one which adds more color than heat)
7-8 peanuts (raw)
2 tsp sesame seeds
1 walnut
1tbsp turmeric 

When You make this in large quantities just multiply the amount. This proportion lasts me for 3-4 dishes (we are a family of 3). You can use it exclusively as the main spice blend or pair it with garam masala if you like your dish to have more flavor, make sure you use only a pinch of garam masala.  

You can use it on okra, long bean, cluster beans, stir fried potatoes, turnip, pumpkin, or you can also make some panner curry, daal fry, to name a few. 

Dry roast the coriander, cumin, pepper and cinnamon. let it cool. Dry roast the sesame till very light brown, let it cool. Try roast the peanuts, let it cool.

In the blender add all the cool ingredients and the chilies and walnut and grind them into fine powder.  Store in air tight container in cool dry place. 

#SpiceBlend #Spices #MultiPurposeSpiceBlend #MasalaPowder

#SpiceBlend #Spices #MultiPurposeSpiceBlend #MasalaPowder

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  1. Gorgeous stuff Simi! I make several types of blends ... but the images here are magical!

    1. Thanks so much Meeta, coming from you it’s a huge compliment. Thanks for sharing the post on FB too :)

  2. Fabulous pictures and divine spice mix.



  3. Its been a while, I visited your blog. Missed some good posts and pictures!!! The spice blend is reminding me of the Autumn colors, they will be here soon...

  4. Lovely and delicious looking spice. Wonderfully taken pics.

  5. Wonderful spice blend simi!!! I had never come across a spice blend which actually used Peanuts. I will be making this for sure. And superb clicks as always :)

  6. Landed here via foodgawker, and found a real treasure. Your photos are gorgeous!


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