Monday, January 5, 2015

52 Weeks of creative exposure - Week 1

#52WeeksOfCreativeExposure #SimiJoisPhotography

Last year I took up the challenge of taking one image for everyday of the year: 365 day challenge. It really helped me grow as a photographer. A lot of people told me it is not about quantity but quality, but frankly quantity does drive quality. The more you experiment, the more images you shoot the better you get. This year I want to try something different, I want to build on my storytelling abilities as a photographer. I call my challenge 52 weeks of creative exposure. A few of you asked me what is creative exposure ? When you shoot an image you expose the image to light, an overexposed image is typically washed out and an underexposed is mostly dark. There are  lots of combinations of shutter speed, aperture and ISO that can capture the right exposure. But as an artist you want to narrate a story and your choice of exposure is a great tool. You might want to blow out the highlight in a particular composition to narrate your story, even though it is not be the right exposure ( as the image is overexposed) it may be a great visual story hence the perfect creative exposure.

I took up this challenge to broaden my outlook, to see outside the box, to think, to compose and to create. Am not sure how this journey of 52 weeks will pan out…it will be nice if you walk with me on this journey. Since there were a lot of friends who wanted to join me, I started a group on FB for the challenge. If you are on FB, you can follow us as the group is public, if you want to be part of it by taking one image a week, join us here. Will share with you some of my favorite images every week. This week my favorite images are from Deeba Rajpal and Bart Luczak.

My week 1 images is titled remember. I bought this compass many many years ago when dad and I were traveling to Delhi from Dehradun and we stopped at Muradabad at an old antique shop and picked up a few things. The light meter is one of dad’s old possessions, he took his photography very seriously, even though it was a hobby.

“Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory “
Dr Seuss

I have been receiving many queries and requests to start a workshop or online lessons. I am thinking on those lines, but for now please leave me a comment on what you want me to address and I'll do a tutorial on TNS. Even if it is not something specific, go ahead ask. Let's create and learn together.

Here are some more images from the week.

#52WeeksOfCreativeExposure #SimiJoisPhotography
#52WeeksOfCreativeExposure #SimiJoisPhotography

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  1. Hi Simi,
    That's really an exciting news for me! This will be a great opportunity for me to learn a lot from you. I would love to learn about light source, exposure and composition of photo.
    Please share the details when you decide to begin the class.
    Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! I love this "New Year's Resolution". Not only does it get the creative juices flowing, but it'll help others learn and improve their own photography. And I'm excited about the challenge! I may even join...

  3. you are the consumate artist and I can never find anything wrong or off with your work. It is flawless and has a charged emotional beauty.


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