Friday, February 20, 2015

52 Weeks of creative exposure : week 5, 6 and 7

#Light #SimiJoisPhotography #Sunset #SunRise

#Light #SimiJoisPhotography #Sunset #SunRise
Nothing fascinates me more than light and nothing can be more gorgeous than nature’s canvas and how it paints with light. 365 days in a year and no two days are alike, the sunset is different from the sunrise, sometimes it is a pale pink, pale blue, vibrant reds, purple hues, golden yellows. I just cannot get enough of it. Something about the morning and dusk that touches my soul…and every time I capture an image, I think ….everything else looks fine but I have failed to capture the magic of the moment. I never feel I have done justice to the light. And how can a 36mm X 24mm capture the vastness of the sky and every nuances of every light ray. It is something that can only be seen and absorbed, to reflect back on a later day. 

Even on cloudy days, I love the texture of the light,  no hard shadows, no drama perfectly diffused. Great for food  photography, unlike popular belief that it is hard to shoot on cloudy days. Yes,  dark can be challenging but not cloudy. 

The collage of sunrise and sunsets if from the past few months - I just wanted to have them all together in a collage - so even thou it is not for the last three weeks, I thought it is nice to share. 

#Light #SimiJoisPhotography #Sunset #SunRise
#Light #SimiJoisPhotography #Teatime
 I was sitting down and sipping some tea on a late sunny morning and the light was glorious. I loved the way the deep shadows created shapes.
#Light #SimiJoisPhotography #Teatime
 This image below is from a cloudy dark evening….
#Light #SimiJoisPhotography #Teatime

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