Friday, May 29, 2015

52 weeks of creative exposure : Week 21

photography, Art, flower photography, artistic, flower art, painting, simi jois photography

I love these little sage flowers, they are so gorgeous and fragrant. Photographing these was one of the most relaxing moment of my week. It took me back to my childhood, my parents were very fond of gardening and it was a hobby they jointly enjoyed and somehow it brought them so much closer. In the last few months of my dad’s life mom would take him outside in the garden and show him the blooms, that was the only activity he could do, as he had become so weak. It not only gave him happiness but strength to fight. My mother still enjoys the garden and tends to the plants that dad had planted. Maybe somewhere it connects her to him. Probably that is where she finds her strength, peace and happiness. Her positivity and her ability to take life in her stride, stems from something higher but her solace comes from her garden.

And probably that is why I enjoy gardening  and look forward to it. Maybe it connects me back to my childhood and to my dad.  As a small girl, watering the garden was my chore, and it still is.  I miss him a lot, and in moments like these when I think I have created art that he would be proud of, I really feel very content. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Before I forget, I have received a few inquires about selling my photographs.  I do sell digital copies that you can get printed or I can get them printed for you with size specification. Please send me an email for inquires. Thanks a ton! 

photography, Art, flower photography, artistic, flower art, painting, simi jois photography
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  1. Such a heart felt post.. I'm sure you dad would be very proud of you...hugs

  2. such a beautiful photo. funny how things go into our hearts and stay there.

  3. u r awesome simi....beautiful pics...with lots of memories attached...


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