Sunday, August 23, 2015

A walk in the wilderness

52 weeks of creative exposure #Week 35

Sunday is over ?? …that cannot be true, it was just Friday like two minutes back. I love my weekends and that’s the time I literally put my feet up and sleep. Afternoon naps, late mornings and if there is time in-between I will sleep :) If I am not sleeping am usually in the kitchen, cooking. Sometimes I do have my overdose of sleep and then I get crabby. The only way I can get of the crabby bandwagon is photography. After a rather long nap last weekend, I got out with my camera, the sun was still high and it was hot. I must have walked for an hour and the sunlight started turning into this magical gold, drenching the whole scene into something magical. I must have spent a good hour just viewing the beauty from my lens ….I can never forget that feeling. I wish I was good with words. I hope I have been able to translate that feeling in my images.

Just for your info, none of these images had any filter on the camera or in post. Pure sunshine, untouched.





I wish I can share all the images ….I tried to pick a few of my favorites. Print Friendly and PDF
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