Sunday, October 4, 2015

52 Weeks of creative exposure - week 39

This is probably the last set of images for this year with the gorgeous summer sun. Not only has the temperatures dipped drastically but the angle of sun has definitely changed. It’s most favorable for outdoor photography, but it’s not the summer sun. Even though I am not a huge fan of these dipping temperatures, but I am looking forward to some outdoor shoots with some gorgeous fall color.

Frankly this year I have mixed feelings about winter, there is one part of me that is looking forward to it. I am literally exhausted, as I tend to cram too many things in the warm summer months. Its good to take it easy and relax - you I can’t do much outdoor stuff in winter, not exactly sporty when it comes to snow. We did try to ski a  few years and it was quite a disaster to say the least. Even the instructor gave up on me and asked me to take deep breaths and enjoy the fresh air. Soup, blankly and a favorite movie is something I do very well with. So most probably will stick to that and I am looking forward to it.

In other news one of my recipes got featured on Better Home and Garden - October Issue.  I was thrilled to be included in the company of two of my good friends and amazing bloggers - Himanshu & Sangeeta .

That’s all on my end this week! I have an exciting new recipe coming up on the blog next week, stay tuned. Enjoy your Sunday!

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