Thursday, November 12, 2015

52 weeks of creative exposure - week 44 and 45

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois
#LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois

The warmth of the sun was fading and the gusty winds were picking up, it was the end of October already. I expected it to be cold, I wrapped myself in my green cozy fleece and my old maroon scarf, it was still warm for boots, I slipped my cold feet into my Nike running shoes. “Should I drive to the trail or walk?”, I tossed my hair into an untidy bun and slipped the house key into my pocket, I was planning to walk.

It was calm,  the sun was just up….I  could almost here my heartbeat and a few chirping birds. The air so still that the landscape almost looked like a photograph. I looked for a spot to sit….the grass was mildly frosted and wet. I turned on the camera that was dangling on my neck….it was gorgeous, almost mystical. I closed my eyes to feel the cool air,  ’this is it’ I heard myself say. ’This is it’? I heard myself ask. Is this all I want from life ?Why is our lives so outcome driven, why is our life  driven by a continuous need to measure success, or to define it. Are we so insecure of who we are that we need to validate our individuality by a measure.

I have know people who have never chased success, it has come to them because they are true to what they do. Probably that is the secret to happiness - the golden key. To be true to yourself. I don’t think anything else matters. You don’t leave behind anything much, it’s probably more important to know what you will take with you.

I walked down the muddy pathway and yes that was it…that was my most perfect moment. I walked home with muddy shoes and a store house of wealth in my camera…

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois

 A couple of things…

Thanks for all the comments on the blog, social media and emails about the painting done by my mom. I read her every single comment and she asked me to convey a big thank you. Thanks so much guys!

What do you think ?? Should I continue 52 weeks of creative exposure in 2016 ?? Are you guys bored and fed up of my non-stop chatter and never ending images from 52 ?? let me know.

Am also planning my next photo tutorial to wrap up the year. Any suggestions, recommendations, ideas ??

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois #LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois

#LandscapePhotography #Photography #SimiJois
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  1. Such beautiful pictures and absolutely love the moody effect you gave!

  2. Success isn't the key to happiness. Staying true to yourself is. And being rich on the inside too...

    I love your creative exposure posts!



  3. Απίθανες φωτογραφίες μοναδική αφήγηση προτείνω αν δεν το έχετε κάνει ήδη να γράψετε βιβλίο!
    Και να φανταστείτε ότι τα απολαμβάνω με την μετάφραση της Google..........!
    Και κάτι πολύ ενδιαφέρον η "Σύμη" είναι ένα πανέμορφο νησί της Ελλάδας ,βρίσκεται στο νότιο ανατολικό Αιγαίο και έχει ξεχωριστή ομορφιά!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Here in Sicily it is still very hot and the sun is going on strong!

  5. Beautiful set of pictures, I almost felt like i was amidst all these cool , breezy, and about to sunrise place and feeling lost in the beauty of nature. About the tutorial long exposure and light painting if possible. Lots of love and hugs .

  6. Absolutely stunning images, everyone need to be framed they are gorgeous

  7. Love the clicks and description. Very true, very often we are too scared to discover who we really are cause of emotional pain...Reading "Power of now"- present moment is all there ever is. Greetingsx


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