Thursday, December 24, 2015

52 weeks of creative exposure - week 51 & 52

This is the last post for 52 weeks of creative exposure. I cannot believe a year went by...
I really enjoyed every bit of it I remember I starting 365 days of photography last year (2014) and the first image was of an orange, this year I did 52 weeks of creative exposure and the last image for the year is - orange !! I remember taking the first orange picture as though it was yesterday, it has been two years...I just loved working on both the projects and learnt so much, I have even found some exotic secret photo spots in my neighborhood.

What about 2016?? .....I think it may be a good time to take a break. No! I am not going anywhere. I am just giving a break to personal year long project like #365 or #52. 2016 will be more about food and food photography, I'll integrate my food photography post with recipes or photo stories. As much as I loved doing these projects I think I need to take a break.

My mother and me are going to be doing a personal project together, I'm really excited about it. We are planning to study some of our favorite artists through the year. Probably one every other week. since it is not related to food or photography, I will not be blogging about it. But, it's going to be an interesting project and am looking forward to all the learning.

Lots of love!!

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  1. Wow!beautiful pics there! I got to learn a lot through all your posts. Thanks for being me virtual fairy teacher.

  2. awww.. I just found your blog a week ago.. and have been reading a post a day.. there is so much to learn here.. and honestly was looking forward for a 2016 series.. I am glad you will be focusing on food and recipes coming year.. thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Love it.

  3. Your picture speaks 10000000000 words and Each can write one story itself.


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