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Playing with Light - A photography post

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Photography, Simi Jois photography. tutorial

"So you are a photographer..." I smiled hesitantly, not sure who I was. I have no idea what to say when people ask me what I do, I do a lot of things - I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, chief chef in my kitchen, I love my camera and spend a lot of time with it,  I sketch, I am a great bathroom singer ... there have been times when people have asked me what I do, I have looked them in the eye and said 'nothing'. I really really can't have my identity tied to anything. I am just me, what do I do? - I live my life each day, one day at a time and try and treat myself to what life has to offer to the best of my abilities. I don't feel the need to identify myself to any category, or anything but to myself.

That is probably why I gravitate to my camera. There are no rules, no coloring in the lines. My camera does not frown back if I make a terrible picture. There is  light and your shutter. Endless possibilities...

Going back to the conversation. "Do you use photoshop?" My cryptic response was in the affirmative. Well I think I just failed not only the test of friendship but also the  title of a photographer. The whole evening, the lady never spoke to me as though I had broken a creative code and was a photographer from the dark side, trying to find redemption in photoshop.

No offense taken, as humans we all live with pre conceived prejudices and have stereotypical image of how things should be. I have been trying hard to unlearn, and break that barrier of definition, to try and become a better artist and more important a better human being.

I had not touched my camera for the last week, and for me that is a long time. I picked up my camera and a few props was around 3pm, cloudy n' dark. By the time I got myself some coffee, got my creative juices working.... the sun was down. I was really disappointed and a bit upset too. I decided to make the most of what I have,  I armed myself with a torch, a mirror, a few reflectors, a couple of black cards to block light. Shine the torch to the mirror, reflect the light to a glass and shine it on the subject....kept playing and it was almost intoxicating. My knees gave way, else I would have gone ahead for a few more hours. There is so much more to light, than confining it to a wavelength.

Some images from the experiment...

Don't be afraid of artificial light- take a torch and march your song.

Photography, Simi Jois photography. tutorial

Photography, Simi Jois photography. tutorial

Photography, Simi Jois photography. tutorial

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  1. what a lovely post Simi! absolutely gorgeous, just like the author.

  2. I love this post and how you talk about being oneself and looking past people's preconceived notions. Always a huge fan of your photography! :)

  3. I read this article first thing in the morning and this is so touching. The world is so full of judgemental people - leave them and move on Simi. You're an artist so keep doing what you love. It's your life and your choice.
    And Btw, I loved this tutorial of yours - you're pushing me to try artificial light so much :) I am going to try them very very soon.

  4. Very cool! I love everything about this!

  5. This is seriously cool. I don't know the first thing about shooting with artificial light.... But this (like so many of your other photogaphy-themed posts) has just inspired me to experiment. Thank you, Simi!

  6. Ah that is lovely Simi. It's funny as I've had customer here think that everything could be solved with photoshop. I don't use photoshop much, I tend to use lightroom and nothing more. But I had people come to me with a failed cake and expect me to take a good photo of that crappy cake and than photoshop it into a miracle.. Just as weird as that lady not speaking to you anymore... :) People.... :))

  7. Beautiful snaps... And I agree with you... Most of us are passionate about more than one thing in life.. And play multiple roles in life with same degree of dedication!

  8. You have a real ability for writing unique content. I like how you think and the way you represent your views in this article. I agree with your way of thinking. Thank you for sharing. portrait photography


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