Monday, February 22, 2016

Inspired from art - photography post



Last couple of weeks have been extremely busy, finishing up some photography assignments and then digital housekeeping.  Cleaning my drive - I had a plethora of images, cleaned and archived all the images from previous years and got back 500Gb on my computer...!! Quite a nightmare, if you do not have a system to file and archive....phew! That is after I constantly clean up and very particular about file names and dates.

Feels good to have a clean drive but I was exhausted with all the housekeeping. I felt I have not used my camera in years. The last two days we have been inseparable.... finally today I felt I can put my camera down drink some coffee, blog a bit and felt I actually did something with my day.

This is my series inspired from art....or should I say, my deep penchant to be able to pick up a brush and paint, or pick up a pencil and draw perfect lines. Since I cannot hold a brush straight, here is my view from my lens.

I had a few more, but did not want to make it a heavy post.

Which one is your favorite ??

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