Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Stills # Chasing the light !

This week's Sunday stills brought to you on a Saturday !!


You guys know by now that my Sunday's are spent…being lazy. Maybe I should start calling it Saturday stills ! I have been posting most of my stills on Saturdays - so might as well change it to Saturday stills.  Saturday or Sunday… weekend stills may be ?? Well what's in a name !! 

I was not that happy with my still from last week - I wanted a natural look…!! Well, here it is. I prefer this, it is more inviting …and yes that light ! 

Well some of you did want the BTS ( behind the scenes) I did post this crazy pic of me on FB - (the bad hair day one) Well those of you who have not seen …just pay attention on the light and ignore me there.

Look at the gorgeous light, I did not do anything much. I did place a black card on the left - it's not visible in the image. A friend of mine called my amazing (if I can say so myself) wooden board a mat…pls restrain from such statements…you might be subjected to a twenty minute lecture, like he did. It took me two years to age it…

This really is the favorite time of the year…I just love  flowers.  I usually end up buying flowers for myself every now and then - small pleasures. I remember someone telling me once ….flowers are a waste of money. Well maybe…but not for me.

I have a few more styled a bit differently - I just posted three. Trying the less is more approach.

I'm just curios - which one is your favorite ??

Have a fabulous weekend …!! Thanks for visiting, blows a kiss dramatically :))

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  1. Madly in love with the second picture (from the top)<3

    Loved your "less is more approach". I'm a loyal preacher of this approach :)

  2. They are all gorgeous and I love the way you play with light, but I must say that I really love the last one...



  3. some people say they practice less is more when their pictures are loaded with nothing other than props ����
    your photographs are not like that!!! my personal favorite is the last one - madly in love with that...❤️❤️ the flowers and light are so gorgeous.

  4. Love them all, it's difficult choice between the first and the third one. The morning light in the first one and the beautiful flowers and of course that teapot making the third one so inviting and poetic.

  5. Loved the clicks simi! Ur just awesome! the last one is my favorite!

  6. Dear Simi,

    The first photograph is my favourite. Its like sun beams dancing with the ripples of water. The light creates a weird web and plays with your thoughts. Its truly inspires me to do something with the sunlight. Applaud!!

  7. Gorgeous stills. I love that you shared a "behind-the-scene" look :)


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