Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday Stills # Chasing the light !

This week's Sunday stills brought to you on a Saturday !!


You guys know by now that my Sunday's are spent…being lazy. Maybe I should start calling it Saturday stills ! I have been posting most of my stills on Saturdays - so might as well change it to Saturday stills.  Saturday or Sunday… weekend stills may be ?? Well what's in a name !! 

I was not that happy with my still from last week - I wanted a natural look…!! Well, here it is. I prefer this, it is more inviting …and yes that light ! 

Well some of you did want the BTS ( behind the scenes) I did post this crazy pic of me on FB - (the bad hair day one) Well those of you who have not seen …just pay attention on the light and ignore me there.

Look at the gorgeous light, I did not do anything much. I did place a black card on the left - it's not visible in the image. A friend of mine called my amazing (if I can say so myself) wooden board a mat…pls restrain from such statements…you might be subjected to a twenty minute lecture, like he did. It took me two years to age it…

This really is the favorite time of the year…I just love  flowers.  I usually end up buying flowers for myself every now and then - small pleasures. I remember someone telling me once ….flowers are a waste of money. Well maybe…but not for me.

I have a few more styled a bit differently - I just posted three. Trying the less is more approach.

I'm just curios - which one is your favorite ??

Have a fabulous weekend …!! Thanks for visiting, blows a kiss dramatically :))

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