Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sunday stills on a Saturday

These weekends are rolling in  at the speed of light. I remember planning my last Sunday still …and here I am again. I really wish I had thought of this earlier…I love this project. The possibilities are endless - it's like the whole world is my canvas. I hope I can look back in ten years and see my work grown and mature. We underestimate the power of a decade and often overestimate what can be achieved in an year.

This week I had so much going on that I took time off on Friday and teen and I decided to go around down town… just enjoy a walk. No agenda…!! After I finished with some work I had…we just walked and walked the mag mile. Now that school is out, planning to do more of it.

Last week I had a few  friends over, the highlight was not just catching up after a long time but the gift that one of them got me...  they probably they think I'm a freak but I was over excited about the home grown grapes leaves …best gift ever. I still have them in my refrigerator.

It was golden hour, when I shot this,  it had to be quick. I did not have time to style, I used the same styling I used here. Even though I would have liked to do something different, sometimes it is good to re-do your old images. Unfortunately I had no time to take behind the scene…there was nothing much to it either…

Yes..the can is tilted, I did not fix it..I thought it shows carless abandon… that someone had just placed the bunch there and forgotten.


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  1. Beautiful pictures, as always. Each time I see you Sunday stills or masala dubba series, I am inspired to do something similar. I should put it to action very soon to improve my photography skills. Looking forward to next week's Sunday stills.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Now I want to eat those grapes.




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