Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Stills - A photography post

For the last two years I have been doing a photography related post on the blog. The discipline  to photograph is not something I need work on, as I use my camera almost every day…it sounds crazy but almost 5-6 days of the week. But, it is not about using your camera…it is more about what I learn from it, how productive are the photo sessions. The last couple of years have given me a lot of learning by dedicating myself to a schedule. I was really missing this discipline this year as there was no photography project that I had committed to, so procrastination was a easy solution.

The light bulb moment struck …#SundayStills is going to be my project for this year - it's a bit late to call it a 2016 project…maybe I will continue it  for more than a year. For now it is an assured post every Sunday sharing one  some still life images in a post…it is hard for me to stick to one image. I'll try to post two or three not more. I promise. I really need to work on my styling skills and this will help me move in that direction

I'm so glad that  Deeba from Passionate about baking and Dolphia from Story of cooks will be joining me in this madness. No specific rules - just #SundayStills.

Am so tempted to add a few more images …I cannot break the resolve :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend !!


Here is a cute image I did last week - just for fun…
Drying fava beans on a clothes line :))

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