Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sunday stills


Sunday stills... I started it on the blog as a exercise to improve my photography...I'm so in love with it that it is like a stress relief for me. What I cherish about photography is the silence. I usually like to photograph when there is no one at home or my make shift studio in the basement. Just me, my camera and of course the most important - the light. When I'm working on my still life - it's a world of options, I do not have any boundaries. I think I have yet to explore push the boundaries.  I want to start working on some more complicated pieces - inspired from the great masters. I'm not sure how that will turn out, since this is more about the journey than the destination, I am looking forward to it.

Everyone must save a little bit of themselves for their own self.... I wish I can make images with more depth.

Hope you guys a wonderful Sunday XOXO

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful..!! Every time I look at your work, I wonder how you do it! Its beautiful. I hope one day I am able to do something like this. I want to improve my photography but not sure where to start.


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