Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Tablescape

There was a lot of hustling in the kitchen, eight  dishes pus two dessert...there were hands flying everywhere. Mom was doing all the cooking...she had Goma (our domestic helper)  roasting the spices...looked like everything was under control. I tried to reach out to the fried okra and got slapped on the hand. It was not mom, but Goma...she asked me to leave the kitchen and find something useful to do with my life. Even though Goma was a domestic helper, she was treated as a family member..she would ask us more questions about are whereabouts than mom, secretly advising mom to tighten her grip on us. 

She walked out of the kitchen with a stack of plates, cups, fork and spoons, " I just washed these, wipe them and set the table" I made a face....!! she smiled and handed over a small cup with fried okra...that was Goma, firm just on the outside. 

Dad was a scientist and often he would have delegates visit from other countries, we always hosted a formal dinner at our place. Mom would cook an authentic Indian meal with subdued spices for the foreign pallet. It was almost always a sit down dinner - a formal setting. Even though back then we did not know much about tablescapes, we always had a flower arrangement on the table with a few artifacts. It was only when I came to this country (USA) in the late 90s...I saw the endless possibilities with table arrangements.  After Pinterest...its a different story, it is definitely an art especially those wedding tables. 

I'm not very creative with table arrangements...not creative at all to say the least...but it does not hurt to try. So I brought out my Villeroy and Boch and tried to pair it with something a little earthy. I just love the shape ...square dinner plates and triangle sides - a little whimsical as it's a bit too modern for the rest of the setup.

Well as for the dinner that was hosted by mom and dad was lapped up and enjoyed by the guests. Especially the tomato rasam which was served as a clear soup. 

Funny story - we had this French scientist a friend of dad's who just loved the rasam. He specially thanked my mom by giving her a peck on the cheek...faire la bise. Mom was most embarrassed as it was unheard of in Indian culture, back then...We teased mom for days...! 

I'm thankful for all the happy memories from my childhood... I cannot believe they are a thing of the past.You can hold on to memories but time, it just slips away.

"The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of family"

Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for all the love and support.

If you are looking for some ideas for your holiday meal are some links.

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  1. love every image:)the arrangement is fabulous

  2. This is such a beautiful post Simi. I have a weakness for all your pictures but I'm in love with your these posts. That picture with cutlery and rose with pumpkin both stole my heart :)


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