Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Stills - Coffee

Sunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois Photography
I have been wanting to post Sunday stills for a couple of weeks now, so even though it is late, I had to share my still life images from this week. Coffee makes my morning, the aroma of fresh coffee in the kitchen ...sitting by my bay window sipping my cup of coffee and watching the world go by. The two things that make me smile, any time of the day is flowers and coffee. Growing up in a south Indian household, I mother would roast coffee pods every week and grind them every other day. For me the aroma of coffee is as relaxing as memories of my childhood.
Here are some images from a recent shoot.... hope you like them. Have a fabulous week, love n' hugs.
Use my dusty speed light after months. I guess I should use it more often, love the highlights from it.  

Sunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois Photography

Sunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois PhotographySunday Stills - Coffee- Simi Jois Photography

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