Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sunday Stills - A new chair

Still life - Simi Jois
When I saw this adorable pretty country chair that comes with a table, I was in love.... there was no way I was not going to get it. It is the perfect thing I have been looking for, especially for my outdoor shoots. I was looking for something country and rustic... I'm so glad I found it. My prop collection is rather tiny, compared to the number of years I have been blogging and of late I have become even more picky. Space is always a constrain, and I like to keep my collection a bit contained. This is a big prop or should I say my first big one. I have a list lol !
Since it is so cold outside, here are some indoor test shots with the prop. What do you guys think? I know when I posted it on social media, you guys just loved it. :)
Once it gets warmer and a little green outside, I am looking forward to shoot with this cutie. 
Still life - Simi Jois

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