Thursday, October 4, 2018

Food Styling and photography workshop - November - 2018

Food Photography is much like painting, a blank canvas with endless possibilities. From colors, to prop placement, to framing, angle, lens choices... you have so many tools to play with.  I'm honored to partner with DCP Expeditions to conduct a food photography and styling workshop in Mumbai on November 17th.  I'm really so excited about this event. It is an all-day workshop and definitely hands on.

Some of the broad topics I will cover are

- Composition
- Styling
- Color theory
- Light molding
- How to capture steam
- How to shoot moody
- How to shoot white on white

If there is anything else you want me to cover, you can reach me here or message me on Social Media.

I am also planning an ongoing interaction and learning so we can keep the momentum going even after the workshop - still a work in progress. Will reveal more when we meet.

So bring your camera and join me in Mumbai on Nov 17th. Hope to see you there.


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