Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Apple Cider masala Chai

I have always loved poetry and there was a time when I used to write. Last week as I was cleaning my study I found my old poetry book. Turned the pages and read a few of them. I'm sharing one here today and my photography for this post is inspired by this poem.

I in myself, myself in me

Let me discover the I in me,
let us all discover the I in us,
Not that I which says,
I want,
I desire,
I own,
Let us see the I where everything seems your own, not belonging but a part of you. Not even a part of you, but complete you and in no other fraction.
Let me see the flower and say :
How beautiful I am
How sweet I smell
The winds, the mountains, the forest, the trees, the lake, the waterfall - all of them are in me and I'm in them. They are all I.
In such a sweet dream I was ...
What strange screams that wake me from this dream, the voice that says: I want, I desire, I own. It is mine cause I bought it, I earned it, my blood, my money...The I has become we.
I say " I love I" and they call me conceit.

Walking in six-inch deep snow and setting up a shoot as the winds blew in more snow, the moment felt as beautiful as poetry. I saw a squirrel startled by my movements rush into a tree and all the snow fell, as it jumped from branch to branch. Absolutely blissful. Nature is beautiful even when it is brutal.

If you want to learn steam photography - best time as the temperatures dip ( summer is not really perfect for steam). Email me   I'm going to be doing a promotion on my classes - stay tuned.

The recipe is very simple.

5-6 cardamom pods
2-3 inch cinnamon stick
4-5 blackpepper corn

Powder the above.

Heat apple cider, add 1 tsp juice of fresh ginger and 1/4 tsp of above powder. You got an amazing drink, add honey if the sweetness of apple cider is not enough for you.

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  1. The poetry sure is enough inspiring for such great photographs! Winters and tea has to be the best of combinations! Trying this at the soonest!


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