Thursday, November 3, 2022

Fall Images - 2022

Capturing fall in all it's glory has always been my dream, alluring at the same time elusive. The very reason why it is elusive it is also alluring...because you really do not know what you are capturing but it pulls you in like a magnet. From tree to tree, leaf to leaf and color to color. The music of the wind and the dance of the leaf to that music. To be able to get that in a still is nothing short of magic. I am no magician... but why judge the outcome? I enjoyed every moment of creating each of these images. As I walked from tree to tree ...trying to listen at what the leaves were trying to tell me. 

The process of photography is much like loosing yourself to the moment. Contradictory to the belief that you loose the moment if you are trying to capture it. To me I  become more intimate with the moment when I see it through my camera. Dorothea Lange rightly says, " the camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera" That is precisely what photography has done for me. made me more aware of the silence that hide in things. The little bokeh, the nuaces of the dynamic range. It is nothing sort of meditation. 

When I entered this little forest, I was a strager and I felt I was invading the space: typical  human behaviour ....this is the first time I have had this realization that we humans almost assume that all space ir our space. At first I walked around, sat a bit and just looked ...before I knew it it was an hour....only when I felt my presence was kind of acknowledged that I started to make pictures. I only realized all of this when I got back into my car and looked back at the forest, from a strange place I had never been to, to a familiar place ...the transformation was mutual. As if the trees were ok with me hanging out with them. The clouds gave way to sunshine and magical light allured me from tree to tree.  

Hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them. 


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