Tuesday, March 23, 2010


         As we bid goodbye to old man Winter and welcome beautiful Spring  , we were having mixed feelings, we felt sad to see all that snow melt away to nothing,... Snow that we had painstakingly shoveled and neatly moved and piled by the side of the driveway , made snowman out of and decorated with a pretty red scarf ,....Snow , our best friend for the last 4 months, who we thought would never leave our side ever ... Snow was finally Gone !!

                    After we had calmed our emotions enough, we set out to welcome SPRING !
     The fresh air and the warmth in the sun , was much needed and with windows finally open and little tiny green sprouts dotting the yard, we knew we had survived yet another brutally cold winter. We checked on our plants to see if they had done the same, and thankfully they had , the rose bush smiled back at us, and the daffodils and tulips are just getting ready to bloom.

     The garden centers have opened and the pretty purple Pansies hoped they would be picked up , but we stepped back and decided to wait until the last frost was gone , even if it meant waiting another month to bring those early birds home , for their own good of course , they would be done to the ground if we planted them this early!

     We heard lawn mowers  again , and saw landscapers aerating the soil, we might have to stop cooking and start gardening! (just kidding!).

                                                    Enjoy spring and welcome Summer.

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  1. YAY.. spring is in the air.. Beautiful flowers. It is so thrilling to see the new life blossom.

  2. Cannot wait for summer...great photos!

  3. very beautiful pics.. i am tired of cold..eagerly waiting for a good weather

  4. Beautiful flowers!! waiting for some good weather..

  5. First time here.Coming over from EC Lovely flowers. I had a post earlier on about roses too. They are the most beautiful flowers ever. Lovely space my dears. Following you!

  6. Lovely Ladies,
    my first time here, from EC. A simple and a beautiful blog. Love to visit you more often.

  7. Thank you RV, Lazaro,J, Jagruti, Lassi(e), and kalai. :-) for visiting!!

  8. Beautiful flowers!!cannot wait for summer.


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