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 Bread and breakfast have been going together for a long time now!  .......Time to celebrate their relationship. Instead of decorating a cake for them, let us bake some more bread! 

When we talk about bread as a breakfast staple, does it remind you of  the store bought, laden with preservatives, wrapped in well !..bad for you plastic ? ...or
Fresh, just out of the oven, nice brown crispy crust, with a hollow center, no preservatives whatsoever, ingredients controlled by you ?
 Well ! we preferred the second option and have been baking our own bread ever since we found this easy, NO KNEAD RECIPE, by Jim Lahey,  in The New York Times.

In fact it is so easy to make, so delicious,  that we always have  a batch of dough going all the time. We also follow another recipe by the famous duo JEFF AND ZOE.  

 Their recipe is very similar to our Idli/dosa batter  which we can keep in the fridge and use as required. They are our inspiration to bake bread at home, and get over the idea that bread has to be and will always be store bought.! Although the term artisan might sound fancy, there is in fact nothing fancy about  the ingredients or the equipment.

Artisan Bread with parsley and seasame seeds

We shall post both the recipes that we make, go ahead and try them will not be disappointed!

These will be our entry for JIHVA- Breakfast hosted by




Makes 1 1/2 pound of bread.

Pantry List:

3 cups all purpose flour
1/4 tsp instant yeast
1/1/4 tsp salt
olive oil as needed 
cornmeal /flour
1 1/2 cups water

The method is as provided in the link above, it is always easier to watch someone make it, so go ahead and watch Jim Lahey make it and you will be on your way soon!

Pantry list
6 1/2 cups unbleached all purpose flour
1 /1/2 tbsp  granulated yeast
1 1/2 tbsp salt 
3 cups lukewarm water 
cornmeal for pizza peel
This method is very simple and can be viewed at the above  link, although it is as simple as mixing all the ingredients together and letting it rise for a couple of hours outside and then putting it in the fridge. Remove as much as you need and bake fresh. It lasts for 2 weeks.

We made our bread in different ways. The one below has seasame seeds and parsley... for another loaf we added rosemary and some italian seasoning. Just go ahead and experiment to see what you like.

Have fun baking , the pleasure is in the process.....ENJOY.                                       
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  1. Awesome bread. A rustic perfection!

  2. hey the bread looks so perfect..fantastic..

  3. perfect.. i still to try my hands on bread..

  4. Thanks for this homemade bread. No store brought bread can beat the flavor and texture of home made ones. My husband hates store brought ones but never once complained about the fresh homemade bread. I rely on breadmachine for my breads and never tried baking in oven. Your picture is tempting me to do so. :)

  5. wow... you are quite the baker! Lovely bread photos... I am yet to make bread but just might start...

  6. Thanks Cool Lassie, Deepa, J, Suma and Cooking Foodie!!

    Suma: we agree nothing like home made :)

  7. I bake whole grain and seed bread at home all the time and I have to agree that there's nothing that matches up to homemade bread! And OMG the way the house smells when there's a bread in the oven is heavenly! :)

    I normally stick to 100% wholewheat flour and the result is not as fluffy as the kind with the all purpose flour but wholewheat bread has its own charm. It creates a more dense and moist result.

    Both the white bread recipes you've posted here look really tempting though so I think I'll drop the health factor for a bit and give them a try. :)


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