Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day....

               Date - 22 April 2010
               Day - Thursday
               Event - Earth Day....

   But .. 'Really'.. Do we need a predetermined date set in stone by someone who felt the need to save the planet, Do we need the policing, the constant reminders, a date on our calenders, do we need to be told not to waste water or energy???  Should it not have been a habit to be aware of our environment?

  Most times when we go out for a walk or a bike ride we click lots of pictures,today, we decided to post some of them for you all. All this green and wildlife, hopefully, will make us promise ourselves that we should leave most of it untouched for our future generations to enjoy.

A bike ride ................

soaked the green  around us...some clicks ...........

We planted some rose bushes and  annuals...and you ....???:)

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  1. Beautiful clicks! And you are right we shud be habituated to being green but Earth day sometimes is just tht extra push and reminder of more things you can do... at least for me!

  2. Hey dear,
    Lovely clicks! Where in the US is this place? Looks so scenic and serene. I posted something similar to your post as well. But I didn't get to do what you did.

  3. Cooking Foodie thanks!!

    Cool Lassie : Midwest, what about you? Will check out your blog :)

  4. HAppy Earth Day to you too!beautiful clicks.
    yesterday I was reading a very informative post about how with our small initiatives we can help to prevent the damages and was thinking of posting something similar. Now no need for that. you have got a beautiful post here.

  5. Beautiful Post . I brought a home composter and planning to use it to fullest.

  6. Lovely post and lovely pics.I do composting at home with all my vegetable wastes .I have posted on how to compost in my blog.Do drop by
    when u find time

  7. great pics, so beautiful


  8. Padhu: will check your blog!
    thanks Padhu and sweetlife!


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