Thursday, April 29, 2010

Polish Stoneware ans home made yogurt

      Our love for  handmade pottery made us bring home this  Polish stoneware pot a couple of years back, it was just the beginning, of course, and slowly we have added to our collection of beautiful hand painted pottery from Poland .

      In India, we remember when we fell short of yogurt at home, we kids were sent to get some from the local milkman or the  sweet maker (Halwai), and they would usually set yogurt in a terracotta pot, and we used to love that  earthy flavor in the yogurt

     We use this particular pot to set  yogurt and although it does not have that flavor, it does set better than our regular stainless or glass vessels.


Making yogurt is very simple, all it requires is a good starter or culture and you are 'set'...!!! Bring 4-5 cups of  milk to boil and then set aside to cool.  Cool the milk to lukewarm (warm to touch).

Spoon in 4 tbsp of yogurt into the warm milk, this acts as a starter, mix well. Make sure the starter contains live culture and is plain white yogurt without any flavoring. Keep covered, preferably airtight. On a cold winter day, keep the container in a warm place and an additional tbsp of starter helps. Give it about 3-4 hrs, do not disturb it during this time. After the yogurt is formed, store in the refrigerator. Make sure you save some yogurt as starter for your next batch of yogurt.

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  1. Pot looks very gud...I saw few here too...but its way expensive here..

  2. Hey,
    You beat me to posting about making Homemade Yogurt! Lol. I have been ignoring my "Basics" Tag for quite some time and I was thinking of posting this in a week or so. Anywayz, love homemade yogurt and love the earthernware even more. I do it with a clay pot(Mann Chatti) bought from TamilNadu too.

    Seeing your interest in stoneware and handpainted pottery, I am inclined to mention about this link that I have been eyeing as well. Check it if you are interested -

  3. Wow dear, I love the stoneware and I love home made yogurt :)

  4. Thanks guys!!

    Cool Lassie: LOVED the Hand-painted Tagine ....a must have wonder u r eyeing it ;)

    Where in TN did you got your Mann Chatti from? Would love to see a post with pix!!

  5. I too make yogurt at home. Never thought about posting it. You are very clever. Love the painted pot very much.
    I have 4 clay pots at home. I always prefer to make veggies, fish and chicken in clay pots.
    You van check out my naadan chicken curry post.
    I even make chana masala in clay pot.

  6. Wow! You really made yoghurt! I'm impressed and grateful for the lesson. Thanks - didn't think you'd take my suggestion seriously! I've bookmarked this for future reference. Btw, saw another post today for making yoghurt in a slowcooker of all things LOL Imagine that! Thanks again :)

  7. Nothing can beat the homemade curd. Beautiful pot

  8. I've always been daunted by the prospect of making my own yogurt. Your super simple instructions have inspired me though! :)

  9. I'm so glad I came and searched for yogurt! It would not have occurred to me to use terra cotta or stoneware to make the yogurt. Now I need to find a beautiful pot so I can try to make yogurt this way!


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