Monday, May 3, 2010

Gulpavate - The Rustic Ladoo


         Indulging our sweet tooth over the weekend, we decided to make this old recipe of our mom's, she would always have plenty of these in a huge jar over the summer holidays .
        We call these ' Ladoo On Demand ' !!!...very rustic ..... love these!

This is our entry for : Cooking with seeds : Cardamom,  hosted by Priya

Ingredients: serves 2-4
Rava/Cream of wheat : 1 cup
Atta/wheat flour: 1/4th cup
Jaggery: ¾ cup
Desiccated coconut: 1/4th cup
Cardamom powder: 1tsp
Saffron: few strands
Almond, cashew and raisins: handful
Ghee: 4 tbsp
Milk: 3-4 tbsp

Heat 2 tbsp of ghee and roast almond, cashews and raisins, add the rava and wheat flour. Roast till the rava and wheat flour turns brownish red, now add the desiccated coconut, and turn off the heat. Sprinkle cold milk on this rava mix and keep aside.

In a pan, melt the jaggery with little water and make thin consistency syrup. After it comes to a boil, turn off the heat.

Add the rava mix with cardamom and saffron to the syrup. Now add the remaining ghee and allow it to cool a bit, and then shape into balls. Enjoy!! Print Friendly and PDF
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