Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rajma - red bean Indian style

I have not been regular on the blog of late - hard to put myself in a time capsule or a box.....  just being myself...laid back, can't rush me when I get creative.....it just doesn't work.  Deadlines are fine..but not with my creative itch  !! You guys feel like that too? Would love to hear how your mind works!!

I am being laid back this summer but not lazy ....have been working in the yard and love the outcome and love it even more when random walkers on the street compliment!! Life would be drab with out the color of flowers ....will post some pix on my next post!!

For now it is the color - red - hot sizzling rajma for a weekend meal!!

You will need :

2 cups rajma soaked over night
ginger - grated - love ginger so I add 4-5 tbs grated, you could mellow that down if u r not crazy about ginger.
1 big onion finely chopped
2 medium tomatoes finely chopped
1-2 green chili

2-3 tbsp rajma masala

1 tbsp oil
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp turmeric

I love to cook rajma in a crock pot  and just love the flavors coming together ....it does take a lot of time but it is worth the effort.

Crock pot
 In a saucepan heat oil add cumin after it splatters add green chili, ginger, onion and saute till the onion is golden brown now add the tomatoes and roast till it rolls up into a mush. Add rajma masala and roast some more,  the masala starts leaving some oil.

Add the raw (soaked rajam) the onion tomato masala salt and turmeric to the slow cooker and pour 1 cup water to it and forget it for the next 4 ,sit it on high!! check occasionally and add more water if needed.  It is so creamy that is worth waiting for 4 hours :)serve with pilaf  or hot naans :)

Conventional cooker

Pressure cook the rajma in a conventional cooker till it is soft. In a saucepan heat oil add cumin after it splatter add green chili, ginger onion and saute dill the onion is golden brown now add the tomatoes and roast till it rolls up into a mush. Add rajma masala and  turmeric - roast till the masala starts leaving some oil.
Now add the cooked rajma and 1/2 cup water and salt, let it simmer on  a low flame for about 20- 30 min. Check occasionally ....you don't want a burnt rajma. Enjoy the creamy spicy wonder bean !!:)
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  1. Gud to see you again and rajma is fav...looks just so perfect

  2. Rajma is my fav too...looks delicious..love 2 hv it wid jeera rice

  3. Rajma looks fab. First time here and happily following you. Hope you will visit me too.

    Show and Tell
    Event - LGSS_Potato

  4. its great to have soups in this weather! It's super hot here in Toronto!

    Have a Fabulous day!
    Jen www.passion4food.ca

  5. First time to ur space and Oh Boy I'm impressed with your super cool clicks. It is like food for your eyes. Happy to follow you and hope you stop by mine.


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