Friday, February 3, 2012

Know your ingredient

I am planning to start a new category - Know your ingredient. A pursuit to learn and share more about the ingredient.

When I step inside the grocery store am always mesmerised by the variety on hand.....a lot of times confused, trying to understand the subtle difference between 2 brands/products or multiple variations of the same product. I end up coming home and researching about the product and then going back to pick it up. I was thinking it is a good idea to document my learning and to share it too. What do you guys think?? If you  have something to contribute I will love to learn and share and will link the post to your blog. Leave me a msg or send me a email at with the subject - KNOW YOUR INGREDIENT.  The post could be exclusively about the ingredient or part of a recipe. Thank you and looking forward for your feedback.  Print Friendly and PDF
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