Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fruit chai infused with lemongrass and a Party - you are invited!

Is there ever a good reason to have tea ? Never, not for me - I love my chai ! Something about a beverage - hot or cold, food is not complete without paring it with the right beverage. Puri-choley with jal-jerra or hot samosas and chai and many more- these are match made in heaven.  This fruit chai infused with lemongrass is my own concoction and I loved the flavors, it is great for a warm afternoon served with some sandwiches or served after dinner under a warm starry night - something romantic about it !!

What is your favorite beverage? Thanks you for stopping by and please join me in sharing your favorite beverage.  Scroll down at the end of the post and locate the linkz's frog (on left bottom) and follow the  instructions on how to leave a link. 

1 cup of mixed frozen berries
1stalk lemongrass diced circular
1 cup freshly brewed tea at room temperature
1 lime finely diced circular
sugar - optional

Take half a cup of berries and blend into a smooth paste in a blender. In a pitcher add everything and shake well. That's all !! serve chilled and enjoy !! Let the party begin !!

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  1. My favourite beverage is actually tea ;-)
    The fruity chai drink looks very refreshing.

  2. such a refreshing drink. I often make apple iced tea for summer. this is divine...and the clicks are just gorgeous.

  3. Omg, thats a catchy and super tempting chai.

  4. My comfort food is tea. Beautiful photos.

  5. Wow!! that first pic looks so refreshing! in fact, love all your pics! This is my first time here and i just left a link linking my beverage for your party - its a cocktail though, i hope you don't mind - that is all i had in hand and i didnt see any rules saying no cocktails, so i went ahead! Hope it's alright! :)

  6. Thanks everyone !! Nonstick, nutty and sous chef - thxs for joining !! We love cocktails :)))

  7. thanks for your comment. just added the tamarind drink link here. thanks

  8. Very nice, wud love to give this a try..

  9. beautiful clicks and would love to join party
    Noel collections

  10. Looks yummy and refreshing. A cool drink after a tiring day. This could be the zen moment we all wait for!!

    Great pictures, we could almost drink this off the screen.

  11. Thxs guys !! If only it got warmer around this corner of the world :((( have a great weekend u all !!

  12. Hi, I am Natasha. I like you blog! I am actually addicted to tea. There is no day when I do not drink tea. Yours looks so beautiful. I should try when I get berries. Love the first photo .

  13. Looks refreshing and great for parties.

  14. Now thats a perfect summer drink!

  15. That's a lovely drink and the color is so hot red ;) I love the favor of lemon grass and this drink sounds perfect for the season!

  16. Hi Simi,
    Stumbled upon your blog and now I have to have this chai, its too tempting :))
    Love the space and happy following you!

  17. wow I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo thirsty looking at the juice wish I had a straw so I could slurp from here itself.


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