Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pancakes and honey

Finally spring! I almost sound like the weather channel. My announcement of the arrival of spring in this part of the world is of no consequence to you. Actually, I want to rant about the weather. It has been rather temperamental, March was beautiful and promised us an early summer ....well, almost!! April was dull and cold, the shorts went in and we were back in our woollens. To rant some more, we had days when I could not go out without a pair of gloves. Now that's sad. May had better be good! I'm warning you Mr. Weather Man! Finally  rain or shine - I marched into the garden center and did some serious shopping, how long can a girl wait !! Yes it did rain and no it did not stop me. The flowers, grass seeds,  endless rows of potting soil, the smell of mulch, plant stands and clay pots - did promise me warmer days ahead. I wish it was sooner. Well let's hope it gets warm enough for me to rant about the heat.

 Can't have summer without watermelon, but you can have watermelon without summer or at least dreaming of summer. Well don't wonder what am talking about !! This is not the wrong post or the wrong pictures.Read on... I wanted to make some watermelon pancakes - so I mixed some pan-cake batter with some watermelon juice - the batter (wish had clicked some pix) was a beautiful baby pink and very promising !! But the outcome not so much - the form was perfect but gooey inside, I tried couple of times and finally realized it is a  wasted effort.I drank up the remaining juice of the water melon and reached for the jar of honey. If not water melon than let it be honey.  It did satiate my craving for summer sweetness. Hope you enjoy the flavors as much as me - my big fat brunch :)))) You think am going to tell you how much I ate - nah !!Some nice strong coffee, pl don't add sugar - food heaven !!

For the pancake from scratch - click here 

You can use all purpose flour or wheat flour for the pancakes. Add some cardamom  and saffron to the batter. It taste like malpua , you could add some fennel powder and garnish with some pistachio. Amazing flavor.

Slice bananas. Layer pancake and bananas alternately, add some cardamom powder and saffron over the bananas. Serve with warm honey.  

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